D. Miller DVM, Ltd.

Veterinary externship in equine general and sports medicine
Private practice as associate or practice owner specializing in equine general and sports medicine 20 years. 2 years experience in corporate business
  • Graduate OSU College of Veterinary Medicine 1989
  • IVAS Certification in veterinary acupuncture 1996
  • Internship equine osteopathy 1996-1997
  • Group practice 6 years-associate
  • 2 years employment with pharmaceutical company
  • 14 years practice owner/practitioner in equine general and sports medicine
  • Certified in equine acupuncture and osteopathy (Dr. Miller)
  • full compliment of equine journals
  • complete and up to date equine medicine and surgery library
  • mobile on-line access to internet
  • therapeutic riding program at veterinary facility provides 10 horses which are available to learn/practice various techniques
Perform the following:
  • initial communication with client and complete medical history documentation in medical records
  • conduct independant exam and discuss findings, next-step diagnostics, final diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis
  • depending on student's skill set, perform, under direct supervision administration of medication, take radiographs, use diagnostic ultrasound, discuss treatment options, treatment and aftecare with client
  • discuss cost of private practice, be available for emergencies, conduct research related to cases seen
  • demonstrate working knowledge of horse handling and husbandry.
Usual veterinarian schedule is Monday-Saturday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, also available for emergency service. Also, there are evening hours at the clinic 3 days a week. Additionally, there are horses available for practicing various skills.
D. Miller DVM, Ltd
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David Miller, DVM
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