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Commission of Zoonosis, Uruguay

Surgery elective at the Commission of Zoonosis in Montevideo; mass castration of dogs in a mobile veterinary clinic.
Mass castration of dogs in rural and impoverished areas to control the stray dog population and combat the problem with echinococcosis in humans. Each work day on the road lasts 10 hours, castrating up to 60 animals per day with each surgery lasting no longer than 4 minutes per dog. Surgeons will be available to teach and answer any questions, and will include microchipping - how to use and place them in patients.
Group of 8 veterinarians, 6 are surgeons and the assistants are anethesiologists. Dr. Alvarez is responsible for managing the team and supervise surgical techniques and aseptic conditions.
Students are allowed to take pictures, film and notes of all that happens in this mobile clinic.
Observation and assistance of the susrgical technique applied. It is not possible to perform surgeries due to the fact of not being a licensed veterinarian. It is possible to help suture patients according to the veterinarian's discretion.
Work hours and days: Mondayy-Friday 8:00 AM - 6 PM
Commission of Zoonosis
Boulevard Espana 2673
Montevideo, Uruguay
Dr. Madelon Alvarez
Posted: 08/14/13
Montevideo, Uruguay
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