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During the externship, students will participate in all aspects of the veterinary department's activities, including routine, emergency, and preventative health care of the animal collection, maintaining health records, assisting the veterinary technicians with routine tests, and assisting in the care of hospitalized animals.


  • Husbandry: diet, nutrition, enclosures, safety concerns, behavioral/enrichment
  • Preventative medicine: vaccine protocols, dewormers, quarantine, isolation
  • Medical techniques and procedures: PE, anesthesia, drug delivery systems, treatment options, diagnostics, necropsy, reproduction
  • Rounds/cases: chronic cases, herd health
  • Ethics: captive populations, conservation, restoration, treatments


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

  • Randy Junge, MS, DVM, DiplACZM
  • Dawn Zimmerman, DVM
  • Priya Bapodra BVetMed (Hons) MSc MRCVS
  • Zoo Resident

Educational Resources

  • Zoo hospital library, including wide variety of journals, books and computerized data


This externship is for 4th year veterinary students

The student will participate in all aspects of daily operations at the animal health center, including daily medical rounds, implementation of preventative medicine programs, assist with daily animal treatments, the student may be responsible for the daily entry of animal medical records using ZIMS computer software, assist with immobilization and anesthesia monitoring of zoo animals, and the student will be expected to work on an independent study project while the hospital staff is engaged in administrative activities. The student will present the project during the final week of the program.

Student Supervision

Students are supervised directly by the veterinary staff for 8 hours daily during the externship, and for 5 to 7 days per week.



Practice Information

Columbus Zoo & Aquarium
9990 Riverside Drive
Powell, OH 43065

Ph: 614-724-3654

Email: randy [dot] junge [at] columbuszoo [dot] org

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