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Clear Springs Foods, Inc.

externship will consist of 4 weeks in a totally vertically integrated
rainbow trout food fish production operation. This is the largest
commercial rainbow trout production company in North America and
possibly the world.
will be spent learning about and assisting in diagnostics, juvenile and
adult health management, vaccine development and delivery, nutrition,
processing and various related research projects. This will include both
laboratory and field work.
clinical supervisor has several certifications and has attended
numerous continuing education workshops and fish health related meetings
nationally and internationally. This information will be made available
to the student.
have a library with various aquaculture related journals and books.
Additionally, the student will be spending time on each of our five
grow-out facilities with the Fish Health Technician at each facility. We
have several farm and laboratory employees with 20-30 years of
experience that the student will have access to.
should be professional and enthusiastic with an intense interest to
learn about rainbow trout food fish production. They are also expected
to accurately follow a schedule that has been agreed to with the
clinical supervisor.
do not have any veterinarians on staff but do work with two. We do have
two PhD's and two people with Master of Science degrees on staff that
the student will have direct and free access to 8 hours per day 5 days
per week.
Not at Clear Springs but other low cost options are available
Clear Springs Foods, Inc.
Research Division

1585 Clear Lake Grade

PO Box 712

Buhl, ID 83316
(208) 543-3456
(208) 543-4146
Dr. Scott LaPatra
Updated: 11/28/11
Buhl, ID
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