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Alpha Psi Chapters

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Chapter Date College/University
Alpha Chapter 1907 Ohio State University
Beta Chapter 1907 Cornell University
Gamma Chapter 1907 Chicago Veterinary College (college closed, 1920)
Delta Chapter 1907 Kansas City Veterinary College (college closed, 1918)
Epsilon Chapter 1908 University of Pennsylvania
Zeta Chapter 1910 Colorado State University (inactive)
Eta Chapter 1912 Kansas State University (inactive)
Theta Chapter 1912 Auburn University
Iota Chapter 1915 Michigan State University (inactive)
Kappa Chapter 1915 Washington State University (inactive)
Lambda Chapter 1948 University of Georgia
Mu Chapter 1954 Oklahoma State University
Nu Chapter 1957 University of Minnesota
Xi Chapter 1979 University of Florida
Omicron Chapter 1981 Tufts University
Pi Chapter 1983 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Rho Chapter 1988 Mississippi State University
Sigma Chapter 1992 University of Tennessee