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Emergency/Critical Care rotation at a private practice emergency and referral hospital
The extern will shadow the clinical supervisor during the regularly scheduled shift (8 am-6 pm Wednesday through Saturday). This will involve patient rounds in the morning and evening, patient exams, any procedures performed, and seeing emergency cases during the day. During any downtime the extern will be asked to research certain topics related to current patients in the medical ICU and/or could involve more in-depth case discussion on current ICU patients.
  • Several borarded specialists full-time onsite: 2 DACVS, 1 DACVR, 1 DACVIM, 1 DACVECC
  • 1 doctor residency-trained in ophthalmology who just sat for boards
  • Two part-time specialists: 1 DACVD, 1 DACVB
  • Advacned equipment/procedures: CT, endoscopy, I-131 therapy, laproscopic surgery
In-house library of commonly used clinical books, twice daily doctor rounds
Arrive in time for morning rounds and morning assessments of patients, participate in patient assessment and writing of daily orders, assist in any procedures scheduled, potentially assist in any emergency surgeries, shadow doctor on emergency receiving/be involved in ER case work-up and owner discussions, stay until all patients are set for the day and cases have been rounded on to the overnight doctor. During downtime there will likely be self-directed learning activities such as reading up on a case or researching a certain condition, procedure, etc.
10-12 hours/day, 4 days/week
Central Veterinary Hospital
Currently: 843 State Street, New Haven CT
New address as of end of November, 2013: 4 Devine Street, North Haven, CT
(203) 865-0878
(203) 867-5195
acrosby [at] centralpetvet [dot] com
S. Anna Pesillo-Crosby, VMD, DACVECC
Posted: 10/24/13