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Bracken Equine Clinic


Our clinic is an ambulatory (60%) and in hospital/clinic (40%) practice. We have a 6 stall barn attached to the clinic with an exam room containing 2 sets of stocks, and a surgery room with a hydraulic table. We also have a computer, IDEXX chemistry analyzer, 2 ultrasound machines, rectal 5mg Hz, Tendon 7.5 Mg Hz probes, an endoscope, thermography and a portable x-ray machine with automatic processor. We work primarily with pleasure and performance horses. Dr. Ball B.S. and D.V.M. from Texas A&M University with 28 years experience in progressive equine medicine is supervisor.


Associated Veterinarians and special expertise available

  • Dr. Robert Ball
  • Dr. Cris Blevins
  • Dr. Jerry Black
  • Dr. Jeff Watkins of Texas A&M
  • Dr. Warren Beard of Kansas State

Educational Resources

  • Various journals, text books, manuals, e.t.c.
  • Rounds with Dr. Ball and Dr. Blevins
  • Computer/Internet
  • Occasional local C.E. Meetings


Students will work along side Dr. Ball and Dr. Blevins at the clinic and on farm calls. They will be asked to help with the care of the horses and daily duties at the clinic.

Student Supervision

The students generally have 8-10 hours with the doctors 5-6 days a week.



Practice Information

Bracken Equine Clinic
18675 Marbach Lane
San Antonio, TX 78266

Ph: 210-651-6202
Fax: 210-651-1557


Updated: 8/11/09
Signature on File: Dr. Robert L. Ball

San Antonio TX
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