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Auburn University Veterinary Large Animal Teaching Hospital

Equine Podiatry 2 week rotation with senior veterinary students at Auburn University
is a two week clinical rotation that will encompass various aspects of
anatomy, pathophysiology, husbandry, diagnosis, treatment and farriery
of the equine hoof. The rotation will be approximately 50 % lecture and
50 % laboratory experience
  • Board certified Equine surgeons: Reid Hanson, Fred Caldwell and Amelia Munsterman
  • Board certified Radiologist: Robert Cole
  • Board certified Internists: Allison Stewart, John Schumacher, Debra Taylor and Anne Wooldridge
  • Anatomist: Ray Whilhite, PhD
  • Invited lecturers: Pete Healy, CJF; David Jensen, DVM; Lisa Dawe - AHA certified hoof trimmer
  • Other Farriers... Spencer Roy and Jared Humphry
  • Daily
    attendance 8 - 5 pm M-F March 31- April 11
  • Student should arrive
    with a willing attitude and an open mind. Student should be respectful
    of all instructors, fellow students, staff and clients involved with the
  • Student should dress in professional clinic attire and boots.
Student will be supervised 8 hours per day 5 days per week by veterinarians.
could be arranged thru other Auburn Students
Auburn University Veterinary Large Animal Teaching Hospital
1500 Wire Road

Auburn University, AL 36849
Debra Taylor, DVM, MS, DACVIM- LA
Posted: 02/14/14
Auburn University, AL
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