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Association of Shelter Veterinarians

Shelter Medicine Externship Opportunities For Veterinary Students

Shelter Medicine Internship & Residency Opportunities for Veterinarians


Jeanette O'Quinn from Ohio Department of Health has provided the college with the ODH listing of agencies and organizations that perform shelter assessments. The list includes 14 states and the Canadian province of Manitoba with over 20 agencies represented.

The list is organized by state in a binder titled "Association of Shelter Veterinarians Shelter Medicine Externship Opportunities" and the binder is located on the Placements files in the Student Lounge in the Veterinary Medical Center.

A few of the opportunities in this binder are already approved externship providers and are posted on the college website in Shelter Medicine category. If you wish to receive college credit for doing an externship at a location not listed on this externship website, you must first obtain the appropriate forms from Educational Design & Systems, 005-B Veterinary Medical Center, 614-292-0942 and follow the approval procedure.

Updated: 11/7/2008
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various USA locations & in Manitoba, Canada
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