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Anti-Cruelty Society Clinic

get an overview of shelter medicine. The main focus is on spay/neuter
surgery but some case management and basic shelter medicine are also
Information not provided
A basic library of medical texts is available as well as internet access.
are required to be at our facility Mon-Fri from 9-5. No weekend or
emergency hours are required. Students need to bring scrubs, lab coat,
and stethoscope. A minimum of a 2 week rotation is required.
veterinarians are always present during student hours (8 hours a day, 5
days a week) with at least 1 formally assigned to supervise the
No formal student housing is available.
Anti-Cruelty Society Clinic
157 W. Grand Ave.

Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 644-8338
(312) 644-3878
Brian Dent D.V.M.
Updated: 02/11/11
Chicago, IL
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