Animal Medical Clinic

Clinical small animal practice training under the direct supervision of a practicing veterinarian.
The major objective is to acquaint the student with the scope and pace of a busy 7-doctor small animal practice and teach the student aspects of client communication, history taking, examination, assessment, formulating and implementing treatment plans, surgical skills, business management, personnel relations, and finances as can best be found in a private practice situation.
Seven veterinarians are on staff, each with areas of clinical interest, including dentistry, orthopedics, ultrasound, acupuncture, cardiology and endoscopy.
We have an extensive library of reference books, a journal file, access to VIN, client handouts, and hospital protocols. We all have access to VIN and specialists when indicated. All of our doctors and CVTs exceed our continuing education requirements, and we share our knowledge with the whole staff through monthly staff meetings.
Monitoring inpatients; participation in planning and executing treatment plans; collecting patient histories; physical examination of patients; patient assessment; independent study and research of selected medical topics; discussions of ways to be successful in the exam room, in practice and in personal finances; observation and assistance with various surgeries and other clinical procedures; interpretation of radiographic and ultrasonic images and cytology specimens; practicing clinical techniques; etc.
Students will have direct and free access to staff veterinarians for up to 50 hours per week, but will only be required to be here 40 hours per week.
Animal Medical Clinic
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(321) 727-2421
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Jeffrey S. Godwin DVM
Updated: 11/18/11