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Animal Dental Centers of Towson, Annapolis MD

Clinical experience in a private practice veterinary dentistry/oral surgery specialty practice in Towson and Annapolis Maryland
Participation in a large variety of clinical cases involving oral disease
Animal Dental Centers offer conforming residency programs for the last
12 years. There are 4 staff Drs that are available and as of this date
two are board eligible, one is currently boarded certified and one
All of the below are available
with the cases: Dental assessments in exam rooms with clients and under
anesthesia during procedures. radiographic evaluations and therapeutic
decision making. cleaning etc
8-10 hours per day M-F student will be interacting with the staff veterinarians, clients and technicians.
Animal Dental Centers of Towson, Annapolis Maryland
1209 Cromwell Bridge Road Towson, MD 21286

197 Defense Hwy Annapolis MD 21401
410 828 1001
Dr. Ira R. Luskin Diplomate, AVDC /EVDC
Posted: 04/11/14
Towson, MD
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