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Animal Care Center of Plainfield/Mallard Point Veterinary Clinic


Animal Care Center of Plainfield is a high volume practice open 7 days a week. It is also home of the Humane Society of Plainfield. In addition we operate Mallard Point Veterinary Clinic, Hinsdale Animal Hospital, and Oswego Animal Hospital.

The externship is at Animal Care Center, Plainfield, IL. We have a 10,000 sq ft. full service practice with an on site Humane Society. The externs stay 2-10 weeks and take care of all the Humane Society animals including spays and neuters. Externs do have the option to stay longer, if desired. They also participate in the numerous client medical and surgical cases. We are also now performing advanced surgeries, such as, TECA, TPLO, and THR.

We are booking quickly. We currently have four practices. The practices stress high quality medicine and surgery in a full service facility. Externships are available at all four practices. Please contact Chrissie Zarozny for more information.

Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

Our combined staff of seven Veterinarians sees a very dynamic caseload that includes a significant amount of soft tissue and orthopedic surgery.

Educational Resources

  • Journals, Library
  • Continuing education (if any seminars scheduled during students stay)


One of your chief responsibilities as an extern is to act as the primary Doctor for our Humane Society animals. This includes performing physical exams on all incoming animals, diagnosing, and recommending treatments for sick animals. Due to budget constraints; approval is required from Humane Society prior to performing any procedures. You will also get plenty of surgical (spay/neuter) experience. Although the experience is highly variable based on caseload, our externs typically perform 15-40 spays and neuters over a 3 week period. In addition, externs are invited to assist in any other surgical procedure of interest at our other facilities.

You are in charge of the shelter animals. During each day, you will make your surgery schedule, perform routine spays and neuters throughout the day, administer medication to animals needing some kind of treatment, (kennel cough, antibiotics, pain management, etc.) assist Doctors with cases and surgery (if needed). We perform a high volume of advanced surgeries such as Luxating Patella, ACL/CCL, Gastropexy, Fracture repairs, etc.; you will be able to assist in these surgeries. There will also be plenty of opportunity to join Doctors in exam rooms to gain client/ Doctor relationship experience. It is a great learning experience! You will also be responsible for examining incoming Humane Society animals. This will involve your basic TPR/exam, capstar for fleas, avid chip, and any vaccines that are needed. From then especially with puppies and kittens, you will set up their vaccine schedule.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Assessment of all hospitalized cases in order to relay current conditions to doctors at 8 a.m.
  • Assisting Doctors seeing clients in order to enhance client communication
  • Diagnosing, recommendations, and performing any required procedures/ tests
  • Expected to participate in all aspects of daily clinic procedures and prove competence in procedures such as blood draws, radiography, catheter placement, etc.

Student Supervision

Externs work 5 days with 2 days off. You will typically get either Tues./ Sat. off or Wed./ Sun. and will be expected to work from 8am-8pm with a 2 hour lunch break on weekdays, and if working on Sat., shift is 8am-3pm, Sunday shift is 9am-5pm.


A small studio apartment is available above the clinic as well as a periodic vehicle for your use. No animals are to be left unattended in the apartment and externs will be responsible for any damages incurred during their stay. Phone is available for local/emergency calls only. A stipend of $100.00/week will be provided at the end of your term. Any problems or questions, please report to your extern coordinator, Chrissie Zarozny.

Practice Information

Animal Care Center of Plainfield
14411 S. Rt. 59
Plainfield, IL 60544

Mallard Point Veterinary Clinic
25520 S. Pheasant Ln. Unit A
Channahon, IL 60410

Ph: (815) 436-8387
Fx: (815) 436-8084


Updated: 11/19/09
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Channahon, IL
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