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Alpha Psi Fraternity

Alpha Psi Fraternity

In 1906, veterinary students at Ohio State University saw the benefits of fraternal life but were frustrated by the lack of a national organization for their profession. After much study and work, 22 juniors and seniors founded Alpha Chapter of Alpha Psi Fraternity, and by 1915 chapters had been established at 10 schools. During World War I, several schools closed and no new schools were built until after Word War II. Chapters were established at three of these schools, and in 1981 colony status was granted to two other schools.

If an honor roll were established for the all-time leaders of the veterinary profession in the United States, it would be heavily weighted with Alpha Psi Fraternity Members. Certainly, their accomplishments are the result of individual initiative and merit, but in some instances leadership and communicative skills were strengthened by their fraternity experience.

The preamble to the Alpha Psi Fraternity constitution reads as follows:

We, students of the College of Veterinary Medicine of the Ohio State University, in order to promote a stronger bond between the veterinary colleges of the United States and Canada, to create a better feeling among the students of all veterinary colleges, and to infuse a deeper interest in the study of veterinary science, do hereby establish this constitution for the ALPHA PSI, the national veterinary fraternity.

The constitution was written in 1907, and the objectives stated then are appropriate today. Alpha Psi Fraternity is a social-professional fraternity, which restricts its active membership to students who are enrolled in a school of veterinary medicine. It provides an opportunity for the development of lasting friendship between individuals in different classes or schools and is dedicated to the development of these individuals to better serve the veterinary profession.

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