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Diversity Committee Members

Name Title, Class, Program

Julia Azarcon

Class of 2021

Dr. Susan Barrett

Assistant Professor – Clinical, VCS

Dr. Mary Jo Burkhard

Committee Chair

Associate Dean, Faculty & Staff Affairs, Inclusive Diversity, and Planning

Kenneth Burris

Class of 2022

Dr. Dondrae Coble

Committee Co-Chair

Associate Professor – Clinical, VPM

Kelsey Craig

Graduate Program

Dr. Luciana da Costa

Assistant Professor – Practice, VPM

Sandra Dawkins

Assistant Director, Admissions and Recruitment

Liane Davila-Martin

Class of 2022

Jae Denson

Director, Student Recruitment, Admissions & Diversity

Dr. Noopur Desai

Assistant Professor, VCS

Dr. Sandra Diaz Vergara

Assistant Professor – Clinical, VCS

Regina (Gina) Doss

Class of 2020

Dr. Carrie Freed

Associate Professor – Clinical, VCS

Dr. Eric Green

Professor – Clinical, VCS

Susan Grooters

Graduate Program

Maggie Heiar

Class of 2020

Jenny Ingraham

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Dr. Nong Inpanbutr

Professor, VBS

Jeffrey Kim

Class of 2020

Dr. Sue Knoblaugh

Assistant Professor – Clinical, VBS

Briana Lynem

Human Resources Specialist

Dr. Raphael Malbrue

Assistant Professor – Clinical, VPM

Dr. Camille McAloney

Graduate Program

Chanera Peck

Secretary, James H. Bias Affinity Group

Ali Pinhasi

Class of 2021