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Welcome Class of 2017

Class of 2017

Out of more than 6,700 applicants to colleges of veterinary medicine across North America, 162 of the best and brightest made the cut to call themselves the Class of 2017 at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

There are 137 women and 25 men who will join the college, with 83 coming from beyond the Ohio borders. They ranged in age, upon acceptance, from 19 to 41.

Combined they have a grade-point average of 3.68. Before being accepted, they have logged, on average, 1,875 hours of veterinary experience and 2,978 hours of experience caring for animals.

Our class of 2017 comes from all walks of life. The class includes an Army ROTC cadet, a beer brewer, a Cameron Crazie, a dance choreographer, a racecar driver, a homeschooled student, a karate instructor, a juggler, a LARPer, a Lindy Hop instructor, a medical illustrator, a military color guard and drill team member, an organic gardener, a Pelotonia rider, a piano instructor, a professional makeup artist, a professional organizer, a registered vet tech, a student who restores antique Packards, and a wildlife rehabilitator. There are artists in the group as well, including singers and dancers, blacksmiths and leather workers, and enough musicians to start a band in any time period with mandolins, harpsichords, guitars, and ukuleles.

The class is also civic minded, with members who volunteered with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Two Tails Ranch Elephant Sanctuary, the SPCA, Circle K International, City Mission, Crisis Intervention Hotline, Girls on the Run, Habitat for Humanity, Humane Societies, Hurricane Katrina Relief Party, Make a Wish Foundation, Mid-Ohio Foodbank, National Cancer Institute, Ohio Wildlife Center, Peace Corps, Project Linus, Red Cross, Ronald McDonald House, Special Olympics, and World Vets.

They enjoy a wide range of sports including archery, basketball, yoga, boxing, broomball, jujutsu, dodgeball, fencing, field hockey, fishing, flying trapeze, golf, gymnastics, hockey, horseback riding, kayaking, lacrosse, rock climbing, sailing, scuba diving, shot put, skiing, snowboarding, soccer, softball, squash, surfing, taekwondo, tennis, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and wakeboarding. They are members of the Golden Key International and Thespian National honor societies, the Towers Agricultural Honorary, and the Animal Science Student Alliance. Club membership includes Biology Club, Environmental Club, Future Healthcare Professional Club, Neuroscience Club, Poultry Club, Pre-vet Club, Primatology Club, and Zoology Club.

Please welcome the Class of 2017.

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