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Vet student publishes article in Veterinary Ophthalmology journal

Amanda Sherman, a fourth-year veterinary student, was the
lead author of an article published online and scheduled for later print publication
in the journal Veterinary Ophthalmology. The
article was written in collaboration with several researchers from the College
of Veterinary Medicine.

The case report, entitled Actinomyces bowdenii ulcerative keratitis in a dog, outlined
the care of a five-year-old diabetic dog who developed several complications
following cataract surgery. The bacterium
, which has
never before been cited as a cause of ocular infection, was isolated in culture
and identified through rDNA sequencing. Its presence was attributed to an
immunosuppressed corneal environment. While the bacterium was resistant to
three fluoroquinolone drugs, a resistance not previously reported for this
species of infection, the infection was managed with a superficial keratectomy
with conjunctival graft.

Co-authors of the article included Joshua Daniels, assistant
professor of Veterinary Clinical Sciences; David Wilkie, professor of
Veterinary Clinical Sciences and Ophthalmology;  and Elizabeth Lutz, a resident in Veterinary
Clinical Sciences.



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