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Resident and Intern Certificate Presentation and Awards Ceremony

On Friday June 29, the Department of Veterinary
Clinical Sciences and the Veterinary Medical Center held the 2012 Resident and
Intern Certificate Presentation and Reception at the Ohio Union. This annual
event, attended by over 170 people, is a celebration of the success and
achievement of our residents and interns, and marks the culmination of one
phase of their careers.

Dr. Mike Rings, retiring this week, gave opening
remarks and Dr. Adam Parson, president of the College Alumni Society, provided a
welcome and distributed College Alumni Society lapel pins to honorees. Faculty,
staff, family, and friends were recognized for their contributions and support
of the residents and interns. In addition, we were also fortunate to have
several emeritus faculty members join us for the evening, including Drs. Dennis
Chew, Bill Fenner, Bruce Hull, Joe Kowalski, and Bob Sherding. We very much
appreciate their continued engagement, contributions, and support to our

Certificates of participation or completion were
presented to residents and interns, and several awards were given to residents,
interns, and faculty. Each person completing their program received a framed
certificate and an Alumni Society lapel pin. Presenters gave brief remarks
about each resident and intern, provided gifts from the section/service, and
showed a few slides or videos to highlight their time here during their
program. Resident and intern award winners received a plaque and a monetary
gift. Please join us in thanking the following individuals for their
contributions and congratulating them for their accomplishments and awards.

Residency Certificates

  • Dr. Laura Leigh Gray, Dermatology
  • Dr. Katarzyna Dembek, Equine Medicine
  • Dr. Nate McClellan, Equine Surgery
  • Dr. Becky Pentecost, Farm Animal Medicine
    & Surgery
  • Dr. Kari Foss, Neurology
  • Dr. Matthew Sherger, Oncology
  • Dr. Bridget Urie, Oncology
  • Dr. Ilva Grundmann, Radiology
  • Dr. Katy Townsend, Small Animal Surgery

 Internship Certificates

  • Dr. Emily Schaefer, Equine Field Service
  • Dr. Carrie Belles, Farm Animal Medicine &
  • Dr. Melissa Roth, Small Animal Community
  • Dr. Kathryn Rhue, Small Animal Emergency &
    Critical Care
  • Drs. Megan Brown, Jessica Lipsett, Danielle
    Smith, Francesca Venturi, Jessica Ward: Small Animal Medicine & Surgery
  • Dr. Aimee Brooks, Small Animal Surgery

 Awards and Honors

  • Residents’ Recognition Award: Dr. Steve
    Friedenberg, Dr. Jarred Williams
  • Faculty Clinical Teaching Awards: Dr. Duncan
    Russell, Dr. Brian Scansen
  • Faculty Graduate Program Award: Dr. John
  • Hospital Service Award: Drs. Bridget Urie,
    Chrissie Pariseau, Elizabeth Lutz
  • Outstanding Intern Award: Dr. Jessica Ward
  • Research Excellence Awards: Dr. Becky
    Pentecost, Dr. Teresa Burns
  • Clinical Teaching Excellence Awards: Dr.
    Bridget Urie

VCS MS Theses Completed

As part of their combined residency-graduate
program, residents are required to complete a master’s thesis. Below is a list
of the residents who completed their specialty training programs along with the
titles of their theses, theses advisors, and theses committee members.

Dr. Katarzyna Dembek – Resident in Equine Medicine

Thesis title: Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System Response and Ratios in Hospitalized Newborn Foals

Thesis advisor: Dr. Ramiro Toribio

Thesis committee members: Dr. Catherine Kohn and Dr. Samuel Hurcombe

Dr. Kari Foss – Resident in Neurology

Thesis title: Kinetic and Kinematic Gait Analysis
in Doberman Pinchers With and Without Cervical Spondylomyelopathy

Thesis advisor: Dr. Ronaldo da Costa

Thesis committee members: Dr. Sarah Moore and Dr. Matthew

Dr. Laura Leigh Gray – Resident in Dermatology

Thesis title: The Effect of Ketoconazole on Blood
and Skin Cyclosporine Concentrations in Canines

Thesis advisor: Dr. Andrew Hillier

Thesis committee members: Dr. Lynette Cole and Dr. Paivi

Dr. Ilva Grundmann – Resident in Radiology

Thesis title: Radiographic and Magnetic Resonance
Imaging of the Equine Foot: A Focus on the Sole
Thesis advisor: Dr. Wm. Tod Drost

Thesis committee members: Dr. Lisa Zekas and Dr.
James Belknap

Dr. Nathaniel McClellan – Resident in Equine

Thesis title: An Ex Vivo Model to Evaluate the
Effect of Cyclical Adductory Forces on Maintenance of Arytenoid Abduction After
Prosthetic Laryngoplasty Performed With and Without Mechanical Arytenoid

Thesis advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Santschi

Thesis committee members: Dr. Alan Litsky and Dr.
Ramiro Toribio

Dr. Rebecca Pentecost – Resident in Food Animal
Medicine & Surgery

Thesis title: Vertical Transmission of Mycoplasma
Haemolamae in Alpacas (Vicugna Pacos)

Thesis advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Lakritz

Thesis committee members: Drs. Antoinette Marsh, Josh
Daniels, Andrew Niehaus, Paivi Rajala-Schultz

Dr. Matthew Sherger – Resident in Oncology

Thesis title: Identification of Myeloid Derived
Suppressor Cells in Tumor Bearing Dogs

Thesis co-advisors: Dr. William Kisseberth and Dr.
Tracey Papenfuss

Thesis committee member: Dr. Cheryl London

Dr. Katy Townsend – Resident in Small Animal

Thesis title: The Use of Radiographs, Dual-Energy
X-Ray Absorptiometry, Quantitative Computed Tomography and Micro-Computed
Tomography to Determine Cancellous Bone Quality in the Proximal Femur

Thesis advisor: Dr. Matthew Allen

Thesis committee members: Drs. Richard Hart, Valerie
Samii, and Jon Dyce

Dr. Bridget Urie – Resident in Oncology

Thesis title: Expression and Function of VEGFR2,
PDFGF, Kit, and Ret in Canine Anal Sac Adenocarcinomas and Thyroid Carcinomas

Thesis advisor: Dr. Cheryl London

Thesis committee members: Dr. William Kisseberth
and Dr. Duncan Russell



We would also like to extend a special thanks to
our generous and gracious corporate sponsors for their longstanding and ongoing
support of our programs.

Scarlet Level Sponsor

  •  Merck Animal Health – Steve Montemarano

Gray Level Sponsors

  •  Bayer Animal Health – Dr. Andy Plum
  •  Boehringer Ingelheim – Cheryl Majors
  •  Novartis Animal Health – Dr. David Duvall
  •  P&G Pet Care – Danny Migliorisi
  •  Zoetis (formally Pfizer Animal Health) – Vanessa Mariani and Dr.
    Jerry Quinlan 


We would like to extend a very special thanks to
Ronda Baldwin to all of her time and effort in organizing this wonderful event,
Tim Vojt for his assistance with design and preparation of the invitation and program,
and Jerry Harvey for capturing the evening with his photography.

Resident and Intern Awards Ceremony     Resident and Intern Awards


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