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Resident and Intern Certificate Presentation

Congratulations to award recipients

Last week, the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences and the Veterinary Medical Center held the annual Resident and Intern Certificate Presentation and Reception at the historic Station 67 in Columbus. This annual event, attended by over 180 people, celebrated the success and achievements of our residents and interns and marks the culmination of one phase of their careers.

Dean Lonnie King started the evening with a greeting of honorees and attendees. This year, Dr. John Hubbell was asked to provide reflective and reminiscent comments regarding the residents' and interns' contributions to our program. Dr. Mike Rings represented the College Alumni Society and provided welcoming and congratulatory remarks as well as distributed Alumni Society lapel pins to honorees. Faculty, staff, families and friends were recognized for their contributions and support of our residents and interns. Robin Bennett and Susan Kelly were honored and thanked for their many contributions to our resident and intern programs as they approach retirement after 30 and 33 years of service, respectively, as they prepare for their retirement on June 30, 2010.

Certificates of participation or completion were presented to residents and interns and several awards were given to residents, interns, and faculty. In addition to the certificates, each person completing their program received an Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine Alumni Society pin, a commemorative set of four coasters with photos representing their experiences here at the college, and a DVD of a video tribute to residents and interns completing their program. Resident and intern award winners received a plaque and a cash gift. The following is a list of individuals and their accomplishments:

Residency Certificates

  • Dr. Rebecca Krimins, Anesthesiology
  • Dr. Richard Cober, Cardiology
  • Dr. Ann Peruski, Emergency & Critical Care
  • Dr. Rosa Barsnick, Equine Medicine
  • Dr. Jarred Williams, Equine Surgery
  • Dr. Christa Robinson, Ophthalmology
  • Dr. Patrick Grimm, Dr. Shona McMahon Reese; Radiology
  • Dr. Sara Irom, Dr. Aimee Kidder, Dr. Sean Surman; Small Animal Medicine
  • Dr. Colby Burns, Dr. Kate Fitzwater; Small Animal Surgery

Internship Certificates

  • Dr. Jennifer Freeling, Dr. Kristin Jury; Equine Field Service
  • Dr. Francisco Trucco, Equine Medicine & Surgery
  • Dr. Mary Ellen Carino, Dr. Michael Kleinhenz; Food Animal Medicine & Surgery
  • Dr. Jason Callard, Dr. Steven Friedenberg, Dr. Julie Hempstead, Dr. Daniel Langlois, Dr. Eric Miller, Dr. Valery Scharf, Dr. Stacey Sonnenshein, Dr. Brian Stewart; Small Animal Medicine & Surgery

Special Recognition Certificates

  • Dr. Samuel Hurcombe, Equine Medicine, Surgery & Critical Care
  • Dr. Paula Martin Vaquero, Neurology

Awards and Honors

  • Residents' Recognition Award Dr. Jarred Williams Dr. Natalie Tabacca
  • Faculty Clinical Teaching Award Dr. Margaret Mudge Dr. Brian Scansen
  • Faculty Graduate Program Award Dr. John Bonagura
  • Hospital Service Award Dr. Sean Surman Dr. Jarred Williams
  • Outstanding Intern Award Dr. Eric Miller
  • Research Excellence Awards Dr. Rosa Barsnick Dr. Sabine Riesen
  • Clinical Teaching Excellence Awards Dr. Colby Burns Dr. Sara Irom

VCS MS Theses Completed

As part of their combined residency-graduate program, residents are required to complete a Master's thesis. Below is a list of the residents who completed their specialty training programs along with the titles of their theses, theses advisors, and theses committee members.

Dr. Rosa Barsnick - Resident in Equine Internal Medicine
Thesis Title: Hormones of Energy Metabolism in Critically Ill Foals: Insulin, Glucagon, Leptin, Adiponectin, Ghrelin and Growth Hormone
Thesis Advisor: Dr. R. Toribio
Thesis Committee Members: Drs. M. Mudge and C. Kohn

Dr. Colby Burns - Resident in Small Animal Surgery
Thesis Title: The Influence of Locking Bolt Location on the Mechanical Properties of an Interlocking Nail in the Canine Femur
Thesis Advisor: Dr. M. Allen
Thesis Committee Members: Drs. A. Litsky and K. Johnson

Dr. Rick Cober - Resident in Cardiology
Thesis Title: Effects of Ivabradine, A New Selective If Current Inhibitor, on Heart Rate in Cats
Thesis Advisor: Dr. K. Schober
Thesis Committee Members: Dr. J. Bonagura and B. Hamlin

Dr. Kate Fitzwater - Small Animal Surgery Resident
Thesis Title: Rapid Prototyping and Computed Tomography Optimization of Canine Long Bone Modeling
Thesis Advisor: Dr. M. Allen
Thesis Committee Members: Drs. T. Drost and D. Marcellin-Little

Dr. Patrick Grimm - Resident in Diagnostic Imaging
Thesis Title: Evaluation of Computed Tomography Osteoabsorptiometry in Detection of Hip Dysplasia in Labrador Retrievers
Thesis Advisor: Dr. T. Drost
Thesis Committee Members: Drs. E. Green and M. Allen

Dr. Sara Irom - Resident in Small Animal Internal Medicine
Thesis Title: High Dose Antimicrobial Protocols for Canine Urinary Tract Infections
Thesis Advisor: Dr. J. Daniels
Thesis Committee Members: Drs. D. Chew and A. Hillier

Dr. Jacqueline Johnson - Graduate Student
Thesis Title: The Canine Cervical Spine: Micromorphometry and Kinematics
Thesis Advisor: Dr. R. da Costa
Thesis Committee Members: Drs. M. Allen and A. Litsky

Dr. Shona McMahon Reese - Resident in Diagnostic Imaging
Thesis Title: Effect of Sevoflurane Anesthesia and Blood Donation on the Sonographic Appearance of the Spleen and Hematology in Healthy Cats
Thesis Advisor: Dr. L. Zekas
Thesis Committee Members: Drs. P. Lerche and G. Couto

Dr. Ann Peruski - Resident in Small Animal Emergency & Critical Care
Thesis Title: Effects of Hyperviscous Hemoglobin-based Fluid Resuscitation in Canine Hemorrhagic Shock
Thesis Advisor: Dr. E. Cooper
Thesis Committee Members: Drs. A. Butler and B. Hamlin

Dr. Christa Robinson - Resident in Ophthalmology
Thesis Title: Evaluation of Efficacy and Biocompatibility of Indirect Intraocular Pressure Monitoring Using a Telemetric Scleral Sensor
Thesis Advisor: Dr. D. Wilkie
Thesis Committee Members: Drs. A. Metzler, S. Weisbrode, P. Weber

Dr. Sean Surman - Resident in Ophthalmology
Thesis Title: The Relationship Between Hypertension, Proteinuria, and Renal Histopathology in Clinically Healthy Retired Racing Greyhounds
Thesis Advisor: Dr. G. Couto
Thesis Committee Members: Drs. D. Chew and S. DiBartola

Dr. Sara Zaldivar - Graduate Student
Thesis Title: Blood Gases and Cooximetry in Retired Racing Greyhounds: Unique Hemoglobin Physiology and Oxygen Carrying Properties
Thesis Advisor: Dr. G. Couto
Thesis Committee Members: Drs. E. Cooper and M. Wellman


We would like to extend a special thanks to our generous and gracious corporate sponsors for their
longstanding and ongoing support of our programs.

  • Zoetis (formally Pfizer Animal Health) - Dr. Alexia Maclae
  • Intervet-Schering Plough, Inc. - Mr. Steve Montemarano
  • Novartis Animal Health - Dr. David Duvall

We would like to extend a special thanks to Robin Bennett for once again organizing this wonderful event, Casey Murphy, an intern in Biomedical Media, for helping to prepare the video tribute, and Jerry Harvey for
capturing the evening with his photography.

Posted: 6/28/10


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