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Partnership Restores Friendly Canine to Normal Health

Dr. Scansen and CainCain is a miracle dog, according to Rachel Finney, executive director of the Capital Area Humane Society. This well-behaved dog that was recently featured on WCMH-TV was surrendered to CAHS because his owners were unable to care for him. Unbeknownst to them, Cain had a common congenital heart condition that can be fatal.

"He had an abnormal blood vessel near his heart," said Dr. Brian Scansen, assistant professor - Cardiology and Interventional Medicine. "It is the most common heart condition that puppies are born with."

Thanks to a partnership with the College of Veterinary Medicine, the CAHS elected to bring the three-year-old Cain to the Veterinary Medical Center for a life-saving procedure.

“We closed the vessel with a minimally-invasive approach,” explained Dr. Scansen. “Rather than a major heart surgery that would require opening his chest, we did the whole procedure through an artery in his leg.” 

Minimally invasive procedures like this one allow the patient to recover much more quickly.

“This procedure has an excellent outcome,” said Dr. Scansen. “We do this repair fairly routinely, about 15 per year. It’s similar to a broken bone - once it’s fixed, the dog will lead a good, long, normal life.”

Rachel Finney and Cain visited host Gail Hogan on a recent episode of Daytime Columbus. A well-behaved and house broken dog ready for a new home, Cain was a reminder that old dogs can learn new tricks. See the interview here:

Cain is currently residing at the Capital Area Humane Society and is available for adoption. To learn more,

Cain has been adopted!

3/18 UPDATE:

Cain has been adopted! 

you can support this partnership by donating to the Shelter Surgery and Medicine program, fund number 309264.


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