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Ohio State faculty publish article on how veterinary schools fulfill the research mission of land-grant institutions

This year marked the 150th anniversary year of the passage
of the Morrill Act of 1862. This seminal piece of legislation allowed for the
establishment of land-grant institutions in the United States. As a means of
reflecting on the impact that the land-grant system has made on veterinary
medicine and how colleges of veterinary medicine have fulfilled
the land-grant principles, specifically the research mission of land-grant
institutions, Drs. Rustin Moore, John Hubbell, and Lonnie King wrote an article
that was recently published in the Journal of the American Veterinary
Medical Association.
The article, “The role of the colleges of veterinary
medicine in realizing the research mission of land-grant institutions to
promote animal, human, and environmental health”, considers the far-reaching
benefits of the investments in veterinary medical education and research on the
well being of animals, people, society, and the economy. Highlighted are the
roles and contributions made by colleges of veterinary medicine in the
advancement of science and how the colleges positively impact animal,
human, and environmental health. Access the full article.


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