October 1, 2013

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

College Updates

Congratulations to Dr. Jen Brandt and Sandra Dawkins in the Office of Student Affairs on the recent Health and Wellness conference. Sixty people from 22 different schools attended the two-day event last week, which focused on depression, anxiety and suicide among veterinary students, as well as in the field of veterinary medicine. Discussion topics included understanding issues of mental health, offering interventions when needed, and helping students improve their coping skills. I also want to thank Dr. Linda Lord, associate dean, for her role in making this such a successful event. 

Students and faculty engaged in our new Business Minor were treated to lunch last week with Fisher College of Business Dean Christine Poon, and Dr. Bob Hummel, alumnus and generous donor to the College of Veterinary Medicine. Students seemed to enjoy hearing about Dr. Hummel’s long career, and certainly appreciated his scholarship support of their participation last summer. This program is the first business minor specifically designed for graduate students in the health sciences, and faculty from Fisher are thoroughly engaged with our veterinary students. I was proud to get this program off the ground last summer, and look forward to enrolling the next group of students to start in the summer of 2014.

Last Friday, September 27 was our annual Colerain Day. The students of Colerain refer to this event as “Vet Day” and we are proud of our association with the school. It certainly illustrates the positive impact that our profession and animals can have on the lives of children. Thank you to Stephanie Savino for an extremely well organized day.

Campus Updates and Partnerships

More than 15 staff and faculty from the Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine and the Office of Student Affairs participated in the Farm Science Review (FSR). Thanks to Jeff Workman for organizing our participation in “Question the Authorities,” as well as setting up the tent space. Dr. Kat Marriott, program director for the Public Health Preparedness for Infectious Diseases Program (PHPID) served as host for the discussions. Thanks also to Shayna Mohr in Student Affairs and all our faculty participants: Drs. Gustavo Schuenemann, Rebecca Garabed, Paivi Rajala-Schultz, Jeanette O’Quin, Andy Bowman, Tom Wittum, Armando Hoet, and Bill Saville. Many others also provided answers to visitors in our tent space; and thank you to all of them as well.

State and National Issues

The Food Animal Health Research Program (FAHRP) at the OARDC continues to conduct important research on bacterial and viral pathogens in people and food animals with an emphasis on food safety, vaccine development, and zoonotic diseases. I had the opportunity to travel to Wooster last week for an update on their research activities.  FAHRP adds great value to our college and its mission.  The new Biosafety Level 3 (BSL 3) facility continues to make progress for final commissioning and availability to work on select agents and special pathogens.

We also had the pleasure of attending their first Science Café, organized by FAHRP Director Jeff LeJeune, professor of Veterinary Preventive Medicine. Local media and a representative from National Public Radio attended the event, which is focused on developing a public appreciation for science. The emphasis for this particular Science Café was the “Perfect Microbial Storm” with a discussion on emerging diseases.

Alumni and Fundraising

We are progressing nicely with our portion of the “But For” campaign. The co- chairs of our Campaign Committee met recently to learn more details of our plan to raise the full $75 million by the 2016 deadline. We have raised nearly $39 million so far.

Did you receive a copy of “Making a Difference”? This new publication was distributed to all our donors and clients of the Veterinary Medical Center, so if you’re a client you received a copy in the mail. Nearly half of all the donations to our college come from our grateful clients. The remaining donations come from alumni, corporations and foundations. We are grateful to our clients for trusting us with their animals – and they often show their appreciation through generous support of our programs. The fundraising emphasis of the campaign is definitely the “Expansion and Enhancement” of the VMC, in order to fund the necessary renovations to that facility. If you have friends or neighbors who would be interested in this great publication, you can get a copy for them by contacting Melissa Weber, weber [dot] 254 [at] osu [dot] edu

Upcoming Events

October will be a busy month! I hope you are planning to join us for events during Reunion-Homecoming Weekend, October 18 and 19. Events are free for faculty and staff if you register by October 4. Contact Lauren Lammers, event coordinator and member of our Advancement Team, at Lammers [dot] 71 [at] osu [dot] edu for more information. 

Representatives from the American Animal Hospital Association will be hosting a regional meeting of member veterinarians at our VMC on October 22. We look forward to the opportunity to give these visitors a tour.  We will also be working with AAHA to achieve their accreditation status for our Hospital for Companion Animals. 

In addition, our AVMA seven-year accreditation site visit will take place October 27-31. I want to thank Dr. Steve DiBartola for his efforts writing and compiling the self-study report, and for his assistance planning the agenda. Many people in the college are part of this important effort, including Michele Morscher in Research and Graduate Studies. Everyone is reminded that no food is to be consumed in animal treatment areas of the VMC. 

On Sunday, October 27, the Class of 2015 will be hosting the Vets 4 Pets 5K, with proceeds going to the Capital Area Humane Society. You can check out their Facebook page and register online

Take a look at our home page - vet.osu.edu - for additional highlights and events. And remember to like us on Facebook – and follow us on Twitter: OSUVetCollege. 


Dean Lonnie King