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Dr. Robert Hummel receives 2015 Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Robert C. HummelDr. Robert C. Hummel, alumnus of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Class of '61, is one of six individuals to be honored this year by the Board of Trustees with a Distinguished Service Award. The award recognizes those "who have rendered exceptional service...and have provided a broad spectrum of services to the university in both official and unofficial capacities." 

Article on mental health in the veterinary profession quotes Dr. Brandt

Dr. Jennifer BrandtDVM 360's recently published story, "The burden of care: Know the risks of your mental health," features Dr. Jennifer Brandt, Veterinary Student Affairs & Admissions and adjunct faculty member in Counseling and Consultation Services. 

Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching goes to Dr. Teresa Burns

Dr. Teresa Burns, assistant clinical instructor in Equine Field Services, was named a recipient of a 2015 Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching.

The Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching annually recognizes a maximum of 10 faculty members at The Ohio State University for their teaching excellence. Students, faculty and alumni may nominate faculty, and the winners are then chosen by a committee of students, previous recipients and alumni. 

Alumnus receives award

Dr. C. Richard Beckett, 1960 graduate from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine and 2002 recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from the college, was honored recently for his work and support as a board member for the University of Findlay. After retiring as Chair of the University of Findlay's Board of Trustees in 2014 following 30 years of service, Dr. Beckett received the 2015 Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges’ Earl F. Morris Trustee Award.

Celebrating the importance of our laboratory experts

ASC National Lab Professionals WeekThis week is Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, an annual celebration of all the laboratory professionals, pathologists, microbiologists, parasitologists and residents who play a critical role in veterinary and medical care. Please take the time this week to show your appreciation to those associated with:

Canine influenza outbreak

A canine influenza outbreak has been reported in the Chicago area. This is a new strain of virus - H3N2 - previously seen only in Asia, according to a report from Cornell University.

Dogs may exhibit symptoms that include:
eye and nose discharge,
mild fever,
reduced appetite,
lack of energy (lethargy) and

Avian influenza raises concerns

In a recently reported article by The Columbus Dispatch, a Western bird-flu strain identified as avian influenza, or H5N2, hit the West Coast last year, has made its way to South and Central America, the Plains of Midwest states, and into Canada, and has potential to make its way to Ohio. The avian flu outbreak has not been linked to any human illness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but its economic impact could be severe.

Protecting pets and kids from holiday hazards

ChickCute but Risky? - Assistant Professor of Equine Practice, Dr. Jonathan Yardley stated that "30 percent of baby chicks from agriculture supply stores are contaminated with salmonella." Salmonella comes as a bacteria that causes food poisoning in humans. Remember, especially during the Easter holiday season, your children are at risk of infection if they're playing with baby chicks.

Alumni volunteers participate in spay and neuter clinic in Ecuador

Left to right: Dr. Dave Kovalik, Dr. Ann Bittaker (Ryer), Dr. Joe Zulty, Dr. Glenn YovinoThis past fall a team of 14 U.S. veterinarians, technicians, students and assistants traveled to Ibarra, Ecuador, to volunteer in a week-long spay/neuter clinic.