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Dialogue with the Dean

Event date: 
Wednesday, March 13, 2013 -
3:00pm to 4:00pm


Wexner Auditorium

What are they?

Dialogues with the Dean are intended to provide an
opportunity for faculty and staff to learn about and discuss financial basis of
the College and current business model. The Dialogue Series will have two

  1. Overview
    sessions that will be open to all faculty and staff in the College.
  2. Multiple
    facilitated discussions with small groups of invited faculty and staff.

What is the objective
of these sessions?

The goals of these discussions are to deliver information
regarding the financial basis of the college and the current business model,
provide an opportunity for facilitated discussion to increase input and ideas
around these topics with a focus on solutions and innovation, and provide a
chance for small group communication directly with the Dean.

Overview sessions

A 1-hour overview session will be used to critical
background information, context and key data for the small group discussions as
well as provide information to faculty and staff in College. The Dean and
others will be holding additional sessions specifically for the students (the
first session was Tuesday February 26). The overview
sessions (podcast for those unable to attend) will be offered twice (the
same material will be presented in each, it is only necessary to attend one):

  • Tuesday March 12, noon-1, VMC Auditorium
  • Wednesday March 13, 3-4pm, Wexner Auditorium

Small group sessions

Small group sessions will be offered via a series of 90
minute, small group (12-20 individuals), facilitated dialogues. To encourage
open discussion as well as varied perspectives, participants in the small group
discussions will be grouped based on representing different roles in the
College (e.g. newer faculty, research / clinical focused faculty, VMC / non VMC
staff, etc).

Sessions will start in mid-March and continue into at least
June depending on the response and interest to the sessions. Invitations will
be coming from the Dean’s office – please watch your email for more
information. If you cannot make the date on the original invite, it may be
possible to schedule you into a different session depending on availability.


Do I need to attend an overview session if I am going to a
small group session?

  • Yes, or view the podcast. The overview will have the majority
    of the data presentation while the small groups will be used for discussion.

If I cannot make the date on the invitation can I attend
another session?

  • We will definitely try but it also depends on the
    availability of other sessions with similar roles.

Why haven’t I received an invite yet?

  • To allow
    coordination of schedules and the invite list, invitations will be sent out in
    order of the sessions. We are starting with the first couple and will move
    forward after that.
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