December 21, 2012

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

Bucks for Charity is an opportunity for the OSU community to support those in need beyond campus. Faculty and staff of the College are always amazingly generous in supporting a wide range of organizations throughout Ohio. This year the College raised $19,660 exceeding our financial goal of $17,531 to support 56 different organizations. A thank you to all of our generous donors who made this possible! And a huge thank you to Berdawn Hutchinson, Program Assistant in VBS. As co-chair, Berdawn helped to educate us about the impact of Bucks for Charity by spotlighting different organizations and highlighting the personal reasons why individuals give.

Several of our staff and faculty were honored last week at the 2012 Faculty and Staff Service Recognition Brunch hosted by the University for completion of noted service years at Ohio State. I thank Dr. Mike Oglesbee who attended the luncheon and represented our College at this event. Kudos and much appreciation for the following individuals for your service to the College!

  1. Linda Saif, OARDC-FAHRP, 40 years
  2. Jan Roseberry, VBS, 35 years
  3. John Bonagura, VCS, 30 years
  4. Judy Dubena, VBS, 30 years
  5. Marge Hauer, VMC, 30 years
  6. John Hubbell, VCS, 30 years
  7. Sue Johnson, VCS, 30 years
  8. Tony Buffington, VCS, 25 years
  9. Sheila McElhatton, VMC, 25 years
  10. Robin Weimer, OARDC-FAHRP, 25 years

We have started interviews for our next class of veterinary students! We had an unprecedented 62% increase in applicants: 261 from the state of Ohio and 1065 from out of state. The Office of Student Affairs and a significant number of faculty, staff, and students have been working hard to recruit the best in the nation to become our Class of 2017.Over 40 faculty, 15 staff, 20 students (graduate and DVM) and 10 alumni have been reviewing files and interviewing potential students. In addition, 25 faculty and 70 students have helped to create a welcoming presence for the College by participating in faculty and student dinner panels and providing tours. Thanks to everyone for your assistance. You are far too many to name, but you know who you are! We could not maintain the caliber of our students and the national interest in our program without you.

The College hosted an appreciation dinner for those members of campus with whom we partner and who have gone above and beyond their call to help the College. These included members of Academic Affairs, Advancement, Annual Giving, Blackwell, Call Center, Fawcett Center, FOD, Gift Planning, OSU Legal, Planning and Real Estate, Traffic and Parking, University Marketing Communications, University Relations, and the Wright Center for Biomedical Imaging. Rustin Moore and Liesa Stone helped me to kick off the dinner by introducing each person, summarizing their assistance to the College, thanking them in person as well as with a written note, and providing a Kudos! cup as a small memento of the College.

Tom Wittum organized a trip to the CDC in Atlanta for two VME II students: Erin Bryant and Jessica Silva and ten VME I students: Daniel Davidson, Jason Couto, Kelsey Gerbig, Maria Belu, Noelle Diana, Laura Sutherland, Sara DeWitt, Emily Nutt, Colleen Shockling-Dent, Christine Szablewski. The goal of the 2nd Annual CDC Day was for students to learn about the diverse roles of veterinarians in public health careers. Students were able to tour the CDC Spencer museum, facilities such as the enteric diseases laboratory, learn about current CDC efforts in global migration, quarantine, investigations into foodborne diseases, rabies, and emerging global zooneses, and to discuss the roles of NIOSH (The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) and Environmental Health. Students were also provided an opportunity to learn about student opportunities at the CDC. In addition, the students were able to visit the Georgia Aquarium and received a 'behind the scenes tour' from Dr. McDermott one of the aquarium veterinarians. This was an awesome event for our students and we want to thank Tom for organizing the visit and acknowledge the significant participation and support from the CDC for our students.

Matthew Allen, with assistance from Michele Morscher and Pat Green, organized our first "Engineering in Medicine" day that incorporated 22 faculty from the Colleges of Veterinary Medicine and Engineering with the goal of expanding interactions between our groups. The first efforts are focusing on aligning potential collaborations with the university's Discovery Themes for 2013. The group identified several areas of potential strategic alliance, especially in the areas of medical devices, computational modeling and biomechanics. This was a good starting point for expanding interactions between our College and Engineering and it has already led to some important conversations that are likely to stimulate additional collaboration. Kudos Matthew!

A thank you to Armando Hoet who has been working with Battelle to coordinate educational opportunities for our graduate and VPH students. On December 7, several Senior and Principal Scientists from Battelle joined our faculty for joint discussions on the strengths areas of research and education in food safety, infectious disease, pathology, and conservation medicine. The goal is to identify partnership areas for course and topic development and research.

For over 70 years, our faculty, staff, and students have been helping to provide clinical service for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (ODRC) Farms through the VPM Food Animal Services (FPMFAS). Drs. Bill Saville, Luke Heider and Greg Messerschmidt and I met with Gary Mohr, Director of ODRC to renew our contract – an approximate $1.2M revenue stream for the College and a great educational opportunity for students. We help manage these farms, care for their livestock and serve as consultants in planning, preventive medicine and herd health. As part of the Advanced Preventive Medicine elective rotation, students spend two weeks to provide veterinary care for the large animals on eight different farms. The farms also provide research opportunities and field experiences for beef and dairy electives as well as the core preventive medicine rotation. Two new VPM faculty, Drs. Troy Brick and Santiago Bas, will start in the new year to help maintain and implement the training component of the program while Greg Messerschmidt will take a greater role in managing the program contract. VPMFAS is one of the three clinical programs at the College but often the one with the least public awareness. To help highlight the importance of this relationship, Director Mohr suggested that we celebrate this 70 year relationship between OSU and the State of Ohio with a special event and include Governor Kasich to help kick-off the start of our new contract.

I met with the Ohio Livestock Coalition to follow up on the recommendations from Focus Forward Weekend 2012 – Ohio Agriculture and the College of Veterinary Medicine: Strengthening Our Land-Grant Roots. Specifically we discussed how to build more connections and partnerships between our groups and there was real interest in establishing a food animal advisory group and a liaison position with agriculture and agricultural companies. A note of appreciation again, to all those who participated in the discussions at Focus Forward Weekend and helped to generate the recommendations for the College to consider. Dr. Bill Saville is a member and CVM representative to the coalition.

On December 19, the PHPID recognized the service of Dr. Y.M. "Mo" Saif in anticipation of his retirement from the University. I was invited to say a few words to honor Dr. Saif's role and impact in PHPID and beyond. Mo Saif was one of the founding members of PHPID and has represented both the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences as well as the College of Veterinary Medicine through his role in the Ohio Agricultural Research Development Center (OARDC). Mo Saif has served as Professor and Head of the Food Animal Health Research Program at OARDC at Wooster since 1992 and is internationally renown for his expertise in the diagnosis, pathogenesis, immune responses, and prevention of viral, fungal, and bacterial infectious diseases of poultry with economic and public health impact. Dr. Saif has been a key player in the College for the advancement of graduate education and he has made numerous contributions to veterinary profession, food safety, agriculture, and environmental sciences. His role in PHPID is just one of many collaborative leaderships within the University, Ohio, and globally to promote One Health.

Over the last few weeks, we have met with President Gee who continues to have a strong interest in our college and our profession.  We also met with the new dean of the CAES, Dr. Bruce McPherson, and we initiated discussions focusing on establishing programs together and better integrating the missions of our colleges. We continue to work closely with the other 6 health sciences deans and have engaged in a planning session to define and design a health science and medical district on the OSU campus. Finally, we serve on a special university committee with OSU’s Chief Financial Officer, Geoff Chatas, to review the current budget model used by the university which has a strong bias toward undergrad education and programs.

Finally, I wish all of you a fun, safe and enjoyable holiday. As the year draws to a close and we reflect on the past year, I am very fortunate and thankful to have such wonderful colleagues and friends at the college whom I truly admire and appreciate. I look forward to working with all of you during the next year and thanks again for all that you do and contribute to our success and as our vision states, "for improving the health of animals and people every day".


Dean Lonnie King