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Congratulations to the Pelotonia Riders and Supporters!

With the roadside lined by cheering supporters, on Saturday, August 11, riders made the glorious pass across the finish line of the fourth annual Pelotonia bike ride.  The bike ride raises money to support cancer research at The Ohio State University James Cancer Center and Solove Research Institute.

This year, thanks to the hard work and dedication of individual riders, virtual riders, and volunteers, to date, the College of Veterinary Medicine Peloton has raised $26,335.14, surpassing their committed amount of $25,400.

The success of this year's Pelotonia was a true college effort. Thanks to all of the students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the college who supported Pelotonia through donations, support of our auction and raffle, and by volunteering.

Congratulations to the College of Veterinary Medicine Peloton Riders:

Dr. Sandra Barnard
Mr. Harold Bradley
Ms. Courtney Carey
Dr. Jim DeWille
Dr. Leigh Fenderbosch
Dr. Michelle Harcha
Dr. Lonnie King
Dr. William Kisseberth
Dr. Rustin Moore
Dr. Michael Oglesbee
Dr. Rex Riggs
Dr. Kathleen Boris-Lawrie
Ms. Cindy Wagner
Dr. Laurie Cook

Thanks to our Virtual Rider, Dr. Patrick Green who raised $655.

As of August 31, the Student College of Veterinary Medicine Peloton raised $16,387.44. Congratulations to the following student riders!

Danielle Carey
Elizabeth Carstensen
Benjamin Carter
Kay Drake
Julie Dwertman
Kyla Ferguson
Mary Garbett
Melissa Hicks
Stacey Hicks
Sarah Husseini
Nicholas Jew
Sherry Niggel
Daniel Pascetta
Vaughn Taylor-Lehman
Amanda Wagner
Clare Webb
Rebecca White
Kayla Whitfield-Bradley

Thanks for your support of both the CVM Peloton, the student CVM Peloton and Pelotonia 2012 as we ride to find a cure for all species!

Photos from the event:


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