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Congratulations to the class of 2010!

Congratulations to the class of 2010! 

Congratulations to the following graduates:

Dr. Erika Alt
Dr. Megan Alvey
Dr. Kim Ankrom
Dr. Lacie Armstrong
Dr. Dustin Beauchamp
Dr. Jessica Bell
Dr. Jamie Berning
Dr. Jennell Bigrigg
Dr. Pamela Bollinger
Dr. Aimee Brooks
Dr. Kelly Brooks
Dr. Joshua Brown
Dr. Amanda Buttrey
Dr. Corrine Camero
Dr. Christina Canis
Dr. Tiffany Carnes
Dr. Emily Caruana
Dr. Hope Chisnell
Dr. Laurel Cisler
Dr. Alexis Clinton
Dr. Amanda Cochran
Dr. Kelly Cole
Dr. Tiffany Cole
Dr. Josh Collins
Dr. Laura Courtney
Dr. Jamie Davis
Dr. Lisa Day
Dr. Megan DePasquale
Dr. Lara Dickey
Dr. Elizabeth Dryburgh
Dr. Darius Durr
Dr. Emily Eilers
Dr. Sondra Elson
Dr. Maura Faller
Dr. Laura Fink
Dr. Jennifer Flower
Dr. Hillary Folz
Dr. Tera Fraley
Dr. Pamela Fry
Dr. Craig Galloway
Dr. Kelly Gerwin
Dr. Ioannis Giatis
Dr. Matthew Glass
Dr. Brian Gorby
Dr. Leighanne Goyder
Dr. Sarah Graham
Dr. Stephanie Grenert
Dr. Leslie Gunstream
Dr. Gregory Hall
Dr. Meghan Hall
Dr. Jennifer Hansell
Dr. Catherine Havemann
Dr. Jeremy Hersh
Dr. Bryan Hirschbach
Dr. Jessica Hirt
Dr. Klint Hockenberry
Dr. Marissa Hofstetter
Dr. Rachel Homeny
Dr. Clare Hoover
Dr. Tanya Hutchins
Dr. Joseph Ielapi
Dr. Emily Jackson
Dr. Aimee Jalkanen
Dr. Andrea Jensen
Dr. Amanda Johnson
Dr. Erica Keady
Dr. Kassie Kick
Dr. John Kiefer
Dr. Lisa Kiel
Dr. Pam Kloepfer
Dr. Tim Knotts
Dr. Regina Krendl
Dr. Sonia Kuhn
Dr. Muriel Leas
Dr. Jenny Liu
Dr. Nicole Luensman
Dr. Jennifer Manzone
Dr. Lori Martin
Dr. Cynthia May
Dr. Tracey McCormack
Dr. Kristin Meiers
Dr. Angel Miller
Dr. Sarah Miller
Dr. Erin Mills
Dr. Tonia Minko
Dr. Meredith Moore
Dr. Annabel Moreo
Dr. Stacey Moritz
Dr. Amy Morris
Dr. Leigh Nida
Dr. Kristen Ophardt
Dr. Shanna Payne
Dr. Shaw Perrin
Dr. Christopher Powell
Dr. Rebecca Prada
Dr. Elizabeth Price
Dr. Erin Quigley
Dr. Christopher Reinhardt
Dr. Kelly Ring
Dr. Emily Roach
Dr. Johanna Rosenfield
Dr. Bernell Rumpke
Dr. Mackenzie Salyer
Dr. Melissa Samodell
Dr. Christina Scalco
Dr. Andrew Schrader
Dr. Morgan Schrock
Dr. Heidi Schultz
Dr. Kristen Scrafford
Dr. Hazel Sebens
Dr. Ashleigh Seigneur
Dr. Elaina Smith
Dr. Tiffany Smith
Dr. Allison Spansky
Dr. Jason Speidel
Dr. Sara Spiegle
Dr. Savannah Spring
Dr. Laura Stephan
Dr. Logan Strohm
Dr. Jamie Swindall
Dr. Carrie Symmonds
Dr. Jessica Tillman
Dr. Brad Titchenell
Dr. Amanda Todd
Dr. Elizabeth Tompkins
Dr. Marisa Tong
Dr. Erin Turowski
Dr. Megan Vessalo
Dr. Andrea Wade
Dr. Kelly Welin
Dr. Trina Westerman
Dr. James White
Dr. Karen White
Dr. Meghan Wintermyer
Dr. Victoria Woodhouse
Dr. Katherine Yates
Dr. Craig Zimmerly

Posted: 6/14/10


About the College of Veterinary Medicine at Ohio State

Founded in 1885, The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine is ranked fifth in the nation and includes more than 1,000 faculty, staff and students in the Departments of Veterinary Biosciences, Veterinary Clinical Sciences, and Veterinary Preventive Medicine. The Veterinary Medical Center is one of the largest specialty referral centers in the world, with more than 35,000 farm, equine, and companion animal patients each year. A nationally-recognized ambulatory practice and teaching unit in Marysville, Ohio provides farm animal experience to every veterinary student, and the Food Animal Health Research Program in Wooster, OH focuses on detection, control, and prevention of disease. Located on the only campus in the country with a comprehensive medical center offering seven health sciences colleges, we admit up to 162 veterinary students per class, and offer a new comprehensive graduate program in Veterinary and Comparative Medicine as well as a unique Master’s degree in Veterinary Public Health, in partnership with the College of Public Health.   


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