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Class of 2010 Orientation

Welcome to the Class of 2010 orientation

The Class of 2010 began their activities on Sunday, September 18. For the second consecutive year students came to the College early to participate in several activities designed to help them get to know classmates and themselves. All students completed a "DiSC" profile, a personality analysis designed to understand people's reactions and actions in the workplace.

They were able to meet and get to know the other students in their anatomy lab group through team-building exercises led by facilitators from Camp Mary Orton.

Family members were encouraged to participate in a trip to the Columbus Zoo. Then, they returned to campus for a panel discussion that offered insight into the student life at the College. Family and students were then treated to a picnic dinner.

Sponsors of the event included:

College of Veterinary Medicine College of Veterinary Medicine Alumni Society (
Hill's Hills' Pet Nutrition (
Merial Merial, Inc. (
Novartis Novartis Animal Health (
Ohio Veterinary Medicine Association OVMA (
Purina Purina (
Schering-Plough Schering-Plough, Inc. (

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