August 9, 2013

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

College Updates

Congratulations to the 35 students who participated in the Summer Research Program. They presented five-minute talks describing their research on August 7. Many will continue with their work, and refine their data and conclusions for the poster session at our Research Day next April. This is a wonderful opportunity to encourage a new career path in some of our students – and to enlighten future clinicians about the process and importance of research. We really appreciate the leadership of Dr. Pat Green and Dr. Michael Oglesbee and the hard work of Michele Morscher, who coordinates this important program for our college.

Thank you to all of you in the college who participated in our "Dialogues with the Dean." As you probably know, we engaged discussions with our faculty, staff, and students, plus met with many alumni across the state in “Community Conversations.” All of the topics, concerns, and many outstanding suggestions have been compiled by Dr. Mary Jo Burkhard, and we are now moving to the next phase of planning for the college. Last week, the leadership team – including our department chairs, associate deans, chief financial officer, and the directors for our VMC, Advancement team and Information Technology areas – met to refine the strategic areas for the college. We will continue to examine priorities and align these to our strategic plan and the university’s plan. The result will be a five-year roadmap that will guide our decision-making and help us achieve our desired leadership role at the university and in the veterinary profession. I appreciate all of your input through this process and look forward to sharing the refined plan with you when it is ready in the coming months. We will be in a great position to realize our vision of "Healthy animals….healthy people."

I hope you will take a look at our updated website: Brian Kildow, webmaster, has incorporated the new university logo. In addition, check out the "Find Us on Facebook" icon, and be sure to check out our three newest Facebook pages: the College of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Medical Center, and Veterinary Medical Center at Dublin. If you have a suggestion for a post please forward it to weber [dot] 254 [at] osu [dot] edu (Melissa Weber)

State and National Issues

Last week, veterinarians from around the world met in Chicago at the 150th anniversary of the American Veterinary Medical Association. That is an amazing realization – to recognize that we have been gathering as professionals for 150 years! We were glad to have the opportunity to get together with alumni and current students at the annual AVMA Alumni Reception. I enjoyed giving them an update on college activities, and want to thank Katie Coen, Melissa Weber, Lauren Lammers, and Dr. Liesa Stone on our Advancement team for helping with this event.

This afternoon, we hosted a Town Hall meeting with Dr. Ted Wymyslo, Director of the Ohio Department of Health. This was one of seven stops on a statewide series of meetings in which he presented issues in public health and clinical medicine in the State of Ohio. I had the opportunity to introduce Dr. Wymyslo, and offer comments on our Master of Veterinary Public Health program. I appreciated the chance to explain to other medical professionals why they were meeting on our veterinary campus, and to describe the importance of One Health as we consider health issues across the state.

Next week is the second "International Congress on Pathogens at the Human-Animal Interface" (ICOPHAI) in Brazil. The inaugural event was held in Ethiopia in 2011. Ohio State leads the organization of this important conference, which focuses on selected thematic priority areas including One Health leadership, vector-borne zoonoses and impact on public health, emerging infectious diseases and the role of wildlife, and foodborne and waterborne diseases. Global Health Program Director, Wondwossen Gebreyes, serves the President of ICOPHAI 2013 Congress and faculty members including Dr. Armando Hoet and Dr. Bayleyegn Molla, Veterinary Preventive Medicine, and Dr. Abhay Satoskar, College of Medicine serve in various capacities in the organizing, developing the scientific program and advisory committees. We need to thank Tim Vojt for his outstanding design work on the announcement for the program and the program.

Upcoming Events

This weekend is Pelotonia. I am proud to be riding with our College of Veterinary Medicine team, and want to thank Dr. Michelle Harcha for organizing this again this year. We have many college members who have been touched by cancer and we are proud of our survivors, while also remembering some of the special people we have lost. I will be riding this year in memory of Kristine McComis, former assistant to the director of the VMC, who passed away in 2010 from lung cancer.  Please consider supporting our teams. We have the largest student team in the health sciences! You can support their peloton here; and you can support the college peloton here.


Next week – August 14 - we will welcome the Class of 2017 for orientation. Thanks to Dr. Linda Lord and Sandra Dawkins for organizing the orientation events, and for Recruitment Director April Pugh and Assistant Director Shayna Mohr for bringing in another outstanding group of students. Watch for their photo on our web page. Classes officially begin on August 21, the same day that our Oxley’s on the Go will again serve coffee. 


Dean Lonnie King