April 22, 2014

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

College Updates

Congratulations to our Office of Research and Graduate Studies for another successful Research Day. More than 100 research posters from Summer Research students and graduate students were on display throughout Wednesday and Thursday. I hope many of you took advantage of the opportunity to see the great research projects and hear the keynote by Dr. Carol Reinero, This event is one of the many college events that provides us all with an opportunity to come together and expand our knowledge of the field, and our colleagues' work. It's also a celebration of the important research being conducted in our college. You can go to the Research Day webpage to see a list of travel award winners. Thanks to Michele Morscher for her expert organization of the details, Dr. Cheryl London for participating as our faculty leader, and all of you who served as judges and mentors for this important work.

This is Laboratory Professionals Week, an annual celebration of the laboratory professionals and pathologists who play a critical role in veterinary and medical care. Please show your appreciation and recognize the important work done by our colleagues in: Applied Pathology, Blood Bank, Clinical Pathology Laboratories, Comparative Pathology & Mouse Phenotyping Shared Resource including the Histology/Immunohistochemistry Laboratory, Cytometry Core, Diagnostic and Clinical Microbiology Service, Infectious Disease Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory, and the Tissue Bank.

I want to make you all aware of several important initiatives currently underway in the college, and thank members of 3 important committees for their time and commitment.

In brief, the initiatives include: 1) a review of our Office for Academic Affairs; 2) the search for a new chair for the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences (VCS); and 3) a newly developed "think tank," appointed to review strategy to build business at the VMC-Dublin. The groups include faculty and staff from the Departments of Veterinary Biosciences (VBS) and Veterinary Preventive Medicine (VPM), as well as VCS and the Veterinary Medical Center (VMC), plus students, and some alumni (referring veterinarians).

The academic affairs review team is charged with reviewing the structure, functions, resources, and integration of our Academic Affairs office. The team includes: Alexis Collier (OAA), chair, Dr. Linda Lord (Student Affairs), Jennie Hodgson (VA-MD College of Vet Med), Joseph Taboada (LSU College of Vet Med), Joey Abbruzzese (Class of 2016), Cathy Bindewald (chief information officer), Dr. Tod Drost (VCS), Dr. Clare Allen (Academic Affairs and Biomedical Media), Brad Bolon (VBS) and Kristi Pyke (director of Human Resources). The group has held an on-line introductory meeting and will meet on-line again prior to a 1-1/2 day on-site meeting at the College on May 21st and 22nd.

The VCS Chair Search Committee includes faculty and staff from the Department of Veterinary Biosciences (VBS) and the Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine (VPM), as well as VCS and the Veterinary Medical Center (VMC). Committee members include: Dr. Christopher Adin (VCS), Dr. Susan Barrett (VCS), Dr. Richard Bednarski (VCS), Dr. Denise Jones (Henninger) (VCA Hospitals, Findlay, OH), Dr. William Kisseberth (VCS), Julie Morris (VMC-Radiology), Luke Morrow (Class of 2016), Michele Morscher (Research and Graduate Studies) Margaret Mudge (VCS), Andrew Niehaus (VCS), Michael Oglesbee (VBS) search committee chair, Kristi Pyke (HR), Adam Rudinsky (Resident), Dr. Brian Scansen (VCS), Dr. Maxey Wellman (VBS), Thomas Wittum (VPM), and Karin Zuckerman (VMC).  This group will hold their first meeting on April 22nd.

The "think tank" that is reviewing the current promotional strategies for the new VMC-Dublin clinic is charged with developing new ways to support that business. The members of the group include: from VMC-Columbus: Drs. Eric Green, Karen Tefft, and Emma Warry; from VMC-Dublin: Drs. Cory Brown, Sarah Erwin, Reunan Guillou; referring veterinarian Dr. Rex Riggs; Dr. Linda Lord (student affairs) and facilitator Dr. Mary Jo Burkhard (VBS).  This group is finalizing their recommendations and their report will be shared in the very near future.

In addition, we will be sending out dates for a series of college-wide meetings to discuss college planning, finances/budget, total cost of mission areas and strategic priorities, and future directions.  The college Leadership Team will provide background presentations at these meetings, which will be open forums.  These sessions will provide updates on college progress to further your understanding of critical issues in the short and long term, and will finalize concrete actions with metrics to define our future success.  We will also seek your insights and ideas. We will hold these sessions in the late afternoon to try to accommodate the schedules of as many as possible.  An e-mail will be sent by Dr. Rustin Moore with further details of these meetings in the near future.

As spring semesters is drawing to a close, please make sure you remember the following important upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

  • Sunday, April 27: White Coat Ceremony
  • Saturday, May 3: Student Honors and Awards; Oath and Hooding
  • Sunday, May 4: Commencement

Dean Lonnie King