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Annual Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Trudy BusbyCongratulations to the 2014 College of Veterinary Medicine Staff Leadership Award Winners, Trudy Busby (Non-Technical) – Education Support Services and Jacqueline Nolting (Technical) – Veterinary Preventive Medicine presented by Dean Lonnie King at the annual Staff Appreciation Luncheon. The awards are given each year to recognize the crucial role of professional staff in accomplishing the mission of the college.

Trudy oversees the day-to-day operations of our 4-person EDS team as we assist faculty in the management of both core and elective courses in the professional veterinary curriculum. Her primary responsibility on the EDS team is scheduling the 46 courses that comprise the core curriculum for the VME I, II and III students and managing the on-line one45 schedule.Jacqueline Nolting

Jacqueline coordinates sample collection and reports at zoological institutions in Ohio. She contacts Senior and/or Junior Fair Boards to coordinate efforts, obtain permission, establish appointments for visits, supply educational materials, and minimize any disruptions visits may cause to the swine and poultry shows and exhibitors.

Despite the chilly afternoon everyone enjoyed the luncheon with fellow colleagues and custom seat cushions with the college logo given to each of our staff members to show appreciation for all their hard work. Thanks again to all of our dedicated staff members!


Posted May 22, 2014


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