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Annual "Colerain Day," scheduled Friday, September 27

Veterinary students from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Ohio State will spend the morning with students at Colerain Elementary School in Columbus onColerain Day Sept. 27 from 9:30-11:30am. At Colerain, they call it "Veterinary Day," ane students look forward to this fun event. The veterinary students enjoy spending time with the elementary students showing them different animals that they bring to the school. Exotic animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, a bearded dragon and a hedgehog, as well as farm animals including chickens and a horse will be included for student education at the school this year.

This program has been an annual event at Colerain Elementary for nearly 20 years. Activities are designed by veterinary students to teach children at the school about different species of animals. Some of the “stations” include: pet education, arts and crafts, and exotic animals. Veterinary students fulfill a variety of volunteer jobs guiding students to the educational “stations,” explaining animal traits, and discussing animal care.

Pictured at the right is second year veterinary student Nicholas Hoffman with Colerain Elementary student Cengizhan "Sam" Yikdez. Nick visited Colerain last spring for the event. "Colerain Day is a fantastic opportunity to connect (with) our community," said Nick. "What matters most to me is that Sam enjoyed himself. His excitement was clear when he met our large animals with a giant smile and laughter. Colerain Day is a great program that must continue both for the children, and for us as well."


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