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Club Meeting Request Form

Before submitting this request, please email Margo Peerenboom at to check if the room you are requesting is available. If you are requesting the VMC Auditorium (VMCA) or Goss Auditorium, please allow at least 1 week for your request to be completed.

If the event will be serving food or beverage, please fill out this form as well:


Your room will be reserved based on the submission from this form.


The contents of this form submission will be posted on the CVM calendar. You will receive a confirmation email within a week of submitting this form. If you have any questions about scheduling a meeting or about this form, please contact Margo Peerenboom at


Please list the preferred room for your meeting and any specific reasons why that space is desired over others (This information will help in the event that we need to reschedule or move reservations.)
This description will be posted on the CVM calendar.
Please enter any specific tech needs for your meeting (i.e. computer, projector, microphone, tele-conferencing ability, etc.)
(e.g. all students, prospective members, members only, etc.)
If this is a recurring meeting, please specify how often and for how long the reservation needs to be (i.e. "every second Wednesday until March 2019" or "every week for 2 months" etc. )
List any other information you want posted with the event.