Orthopedic Oncology

Effects of Radiation Therapy on Adult Bone


  • E Green
  • T Damron (SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse)

Radiation is known to cause long-lasting damage to bone. A mouse model is being used to investigate the effects of radiation therapy on bone and to determine both the mechanisms and the time course of these effects. Outcome measures include radiography, micro-CT, mechanical testing and histology/histomorphometry.

A Mouse Model of Osteosarcoma


  • B Chaffee
  • S Shah
  • J Dyce
  • W Kisseberth
  • J Mayerson

We are working to develop a mouse model of osteosarcoma that will recapitulate the key elements of this disease, including bone destruction at the site of primary tumor and metastasis to the lung. Our particular focus is on the identification of differences in gene expression between the primary tumor and subsequent lung metastases. Outcome measures include radiography, micro-CT, histology/histomorphometry, laser dissection and microarray analysis.