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Incoming class questionnaire

Please complete the incoming class questionnaire by Wednesday, June 16 at 12:00 noon  It is very important that everyone in the incoming class completes this questionnaire.  If we do not receive your questionnaire by the deadline, you will receive an email reminder until it is complete.  

You will be required to respond to each question.  If an answer does not apply to you or if you do not have a response, please put n/a.  You will be asked to include a picture at the end of the questionnaire.

If you have questions, please email  Thank you!

Please include entire email address not just your name.# (i.e.
(when you applied to veterinary school)
Educational Background Information
where you completed your degree or completed most of your coursework
You can select more than one.
(e.g. biology, zoology, business, etc.)
New student orientation
N/A - for no dietary restrictions
Because we receive a large number of requests for tours during new student orientation, we are going to offer tours for family and friends throughout the summer. This will not only allow us to accommodate everyone's request for a tour, it will also improve the quality of our tour. We also want to improve the quality of our tours by making the tour size smaller. If you and your family are able to take a tour of the Veterinary Medical Center before new student orientation, we strongly encourage you to do so. We typically offer tours Monday-Friday at 12 noon. However, for incoming students and their families we can offer different tour times and possibly provide tours on Saturday if we get enough people. When completing the tour section, please try to be flexible as possible so that we can give everyone an opportunity to show their family and friends our amazing facilities. We will contact you to finalize your tour time and date. Thank you for your patience as we try something new.
Emergency Contact Information
Please list the name(s) of one or two people we should contact in case of an emergency
Please include area code
Big Sib Information - getting to know you
Class Profile Information
(e.g. habitat for humanity, big brothers and big sisters, etc). You can list as many as you would like, please separate multiple answers by commas.
(e.g. piano, drawing, etc. or n/a)
(e.g. National Honor Society, Sigma Alpha Pi, Biology Club, etc.)
(e.g. 4-H, Rock Climber, Industrial Roofer, etc.)
(some examples from the Class of 2019: Private Pilot, Winemaker, 2-year-old Tricycle Champion, etc)
How can we help you?
Name Pronunication
NAME PRONUNCIATION To help us pronounce names correctly during some of our future events, please complete the pronunciation information below. PRONUNCIATION KEY: Please separate syllables with dashes and indicate a STRESSED syllable with ALL CAPITAL LETTERS
PRONUNCIATION KEY: Please separate syllables with dashes and indicate a STRESSED syllable with ALL CAPITAL LETTERS Example: Jacquelyn Fetrow Phonetic pronunciation of first name: JACK-wah-linn Phonetic pronunciation of last name: FET-roe
Example: Jacquelyn Fetrow Rhyming word(s) for first name: JACK-wall-inn Rhyming word(s) for last name: BET-slow
Highly recommended but not required - you and your favorite pet/animal
Files must be less than 12 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png bmp eps tif pict.