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Model 25 Lyopholyzer


Model 25 LyopholyzerBoth the Model 25 Freezemobile and the Model 10-147 (Purchased approximately 1970) have multi-port chambers mounted on the top. Surprisingly, the basic components of both instruments work well. Both have refrigeration able to reach a -80°C. An FTS Model SF-1 shell (sample) freezer is also available.


This Model 25 lyopholyzer and shell freezer are located in room 338 Goss Laboratories, while the Model 10-147 is located in room 326 Goss Laboratories, 1925 Coffey Road



Contact & scheduling

This is a scheduled instrument, please contact Charles Brooks. Manuals are located near the instruments.

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New user education

Modest, informal - with first use

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