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Medium Pressure Chromatograph


Medium pressure chromatographThe Akta model 100air chromatograph was manufactured by Amersham Biosciences (formerly Amersham Pharmacia Biotech, Inc.). The instrument is a medium-pressure preparative chromatograph. It can accurately run solvents between 1 and 100 ml/min from 2 pumps and form programable gradients from 2 solvents. The instrument can monitor flow, pressure, %A or %B solvent, 3 wavelengths in the UV/Vis portion of the spectrum, pH and conductivity. Samples can be entered through the pumps or by a peristaltic sample injector. Limited operation by programs is available. (Purchased 1999)


The Akta model 100air chromatograph is located in room 326 Goss Laboratories, 1925 Coffey Road



Contact & scheduling

Charles L. Brooks

This is a scheduled instrument, please E-mail Brooks for availability. Instruction manuals are found in a box near the instrument’s computer. Reconfiguration of the instrument should be done after consultation with Charles Brooks.

Users will need to supply their own columns and solvents.

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