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Hydraulic Press

Aminco French Pressure Cell Carver Hydraulic Press


Hydraulic pressThe Aminco Model FA-073 French Pressure Cell and the Carver Model 3888-1D10A00 Hydraulic Press are used to rupture cells as they transit from a high to low pressure environment. The Pressure cell was manufactured by SLM-Aminco. This company was recently acquired by Thermo Electron Corporation. The French pressure cell has a capacity of approximately 50 ml and operates at high forces. (Purchased 1999)


This French press is located in room 338 Goss Laboratories, 1925 Coffey Road



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Charles L. Brooks
[[EmailLink? Brooks]]

This is a walk-up instrument. Manuals are located in the drawer beneath the instrument

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New user education

Modest, informal, with first use. The operator must be very careful to use the instrument in a safe fashion.

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