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LX-60 Cabinet Radiography System

LX-60 Cabinet Radiography System

Manufactured by Faxitron Corporation

The LX-60 Radiography System is a versatile unit that helps generate faster results whether in the pathology department, the forensics lab, or the animal facility. When equipped with a digital detector, the system provides the benefits of immediate image output and simultaneous file sharing.

The LX-60 is extremely easy to operate. Simply place the specimen on the cabinet shelf to deliver the desired magnification, close the shielded, safety-interlocked door, and activate the x-ray. In the digital mode, the advanced Automatic Exposure Control selects the appropriate exposure time and kV settings for the specimen and then automatic window leveling and auto sharpen take over to deliver the optimal image in a matter of seconds. All of these settings can be manually adjusted as well to suit the specific preferences of the user. The system requires self-calibration only once per day which takes less than 1 minute.

The LX-60 is capable of up to 6X geometric magnification with excellent contrast due to its low kV capability and typical 10-12 micron nominal focal spot. As a digital unit, the LX-60 boasts a large 12 cm X 12 cm camera offering exceptional 10 lines per millimeter spatial resolution.

For most applications, the unit can be run in full digital mode without the need for X-ray cassettes or film. However, under certain circumstances (e.g. for large specimens that exceed the dimensions of the camera's imaging field), cassettes or non-screen film may be used.

Images collected by the Faxitron LX-60 can be saved in either standard image file formats (e.g. TIFF, JPEG) or in DICOM format. The software that comes with the LX-60 conforms to DICOM standards and includes DICOM Store, Modality Work List and Print Service Classes. Results are archived by patient name, doctor, operator and date.

Like all Faxitron imaging systems, the LX-60 is completely shielded and safe for use without additional operator shielding. The door has dual safety interlocks that disable the x-ray source when the door is open or if it is accidentally opened during exposure. For comprehensive safety information and detailed specifications click here. The unit in the core has been inspected and certified by Radiation Safety and a log book is maintained in order to track the use of the machine on a daily basis. {{IconDOC}} Submission form