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IHC Services

The Histology / IHC Lab offers a variety of IHC stains that have been optimized for veterinary use to provide optimum staining results that are free from non-specific background staining. The lab utilizes an Avidin-Biotin Complex (ABC) method which is a widely used technique for immunohistochemical staining.

The lab's IHC service is offered at excellent pricing for both diagnostic and research purposes. See below for a list of antibodies offered by the lab. Click on individual antibodies for a more detailed description of each.


  • In order to achieve optimal staining results, it is critical that specimens are fixed in the appropriate volume of 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin for at least 24 hours (in exception to staining protocols requiring fresh, unfixed, frozen samples).
  • Where possible, we have selected antibodies that detect the same antigen in multiple species. However, not every antibody works well in all species, and some antibodies are appropriate for use in only a single species. To determine if a specific antibody is appropriate for your intended use, please contact CPMPSR (614-247-8122,
  • Mouse monoclonal antibodies are often unsatisfactory when applied to mouse tissues. Mice may be unable to form antibodies against self antigens, resulting in a lack of antibody specificity; moreover, the secondary reagents use to detect primary mouse monoclonal antibodies will also detect and label endogenous mouse antibodies, leading to increased background reactivity.


Cytokeratins and Intermediate Filaments



Neural, Neuroendocrine/Hormonal/Melanoma

Miscellaneous, including viral Abs