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High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph

High Pressure LIquid Chromatograph


Two component HPLC systems are available. The older system is an analytical system made from Waters components, including: a Model WISP 712 automatic injector or a manual injector (10 ul and 1000 ul loops), 2 Model 510 pumps (10 ml/min each), a column oven, a Model 441 absorbance detector, Model 510 (Purchased 1986)

The second system is a Waters Prep 4000 System. The system pump runs at speeds up to 150 ml/min. The detector is a UV/Vis (Model 720) detector. (Purchased 1992) These systems are rarely used and may need some work to get it up and running.


Room 326 Goss Laboratory
1925 Coffey Road



Contact & scheduling

This is a scheduled instrument, please E-mail Brooks for availability. Instruction manuals are found in a drawer beneath the instrument. Reconfiguration of the instrument should be done after consultation with Charles Brooks.

Users will need to supply their own columns and solvents

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New User Education

Modest, informal.

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