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Guava EasyCyte Mini

Requirement for Access to the Guava

This instrument is user-run only. Interested users must schedule an appointment for training with the cytometry core to discuss experimental design and expected outcomes.


 The Guava EasyCyte Mini was introduced to the Cytometry Core Facility in January of 2010 through a partnership agreement with Dr. Li Wu's lab. The instrument has a 488nm laser and analytical capability to examine up to 3 parameters of forward, side scatter, and FITC, GFP or PE.   The instrument does not require sheath fluid for sample acquisition. In addition to providing cell analysis, the Guava EasyCyte also provides absolute cell counts without the need for reference beads allowing monitoring of cell numbers during assay analysis.  


In addition to immunophenotyping abilities the Guava EasyCyte can also perform several assays, kits are instrument specific and available from Guava Technologies, cell cycle, apoptosis, Jc-1 staining, proliferation, and TUNEL.  The Guava EasyCyte Mini can only accomodate 1.5mL eppendorf tube or 1.5mL screw top tubes.  Each user is expected to bring their own tubes, Instrument Cleaning Fluid (ICF) catalgo No. 4200-0140 (ordered through Guava Technologies).  A login book is set up next to the instrument with detailed cleaning and maintenance procedures that each user is expected to follow to keep the instrument in working order. 


The Guava EasyCyte Mini is currently housed in a separate laboratory in the basement of the VMAB in Dr. Li Wu's lab. Login books are available to sign up. Please contact the VBS Cytometry Staff for further information on scheduling and training time for this instrument.


Location: 057 VMAB, 1900 Coffey Road

Contact: Dr. Wu/ Dr. Corinne St-Gelais.2         688-5701