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Flow Cytometry: FACSCalibur


FACS CaliburThe BD Biosciences FACSCalibur is a 2 laser flow cytometer that can be used to simultaneously analyze up to 4 fluorescent parameters. The instrument is designed to support a wide range of applications with high resolution and sensitivity of both fluorescence and scatter. The fixed excitation optics includes a 15 mW 488 nm argon laser and a 635 nm red diode laser. Emission optics are FL1 (FITC) 530/30, FL2 (PE/PI) 585/ 42, FL3 (PerCP) 670LP, FL4 (APC) 661/16.

Instrument Use

The instrument is available for sample acquisition on a sign-up basis. Fees are listed below. Prior to use, individuals must meet with a designated member of the lab, read the Flow User's Guide, and be trained in basic cytometry operation. Flow users will be trained in basic cytometer use including start-up, shut-down and cleaning, calibration (FACSComp), PMT adjustments, compensation, instrument and cell settings, establishing a template, data acquisition, data analysis using CellQuest Pro Software, and use of training modules. It is up to the User to practice independently after initial training. If additional training is needed, Users must contact core personnel to schedule more hands-on training at the training rate. Before being allowed to schedule use of the instrument, individuals will need to demonstrate the ability to acquire samples independently.

Data Analysis

There is a Mac computer setup for data analysis using CellQuestProSoftware in Goss 111. Please save your data files and templates to a USB drive and analyze your data at this separate station. Sign-up for the data analysis station is on a first-come, first-serve basis (please do not sign up for this station using the online scheduler). If you have questions or need assistance please contact core personnel.


Room 111 Goss
1925 Coffey Road