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Biopsy Requests

Requests and Submissions

Submission of surgical biopsies:

  • Surgical biopsy specimens are brought to Goss Laboratory by hospital staff between 8-10am Monday through Friday.
  • Surgical biopsies must be requested through VETSTAR and must have a computer label when left at the designated drop-off areas. The history is then printed out in Goss when the request has been ordered. Samples that are placed in the bin AFTER the groom has picked up for that day, they will be picked up the following working day.
  • Surgical biopsy specimens need to be at Goss Laboratory by 11am in order to be processed for 48 hour turn-around.
  • Requests for special stains will be honored if they are among the battery of special stains offered by the department. Special stains are performed on Wednesdays and Fridays.


Fees for surgical biopsies are billed to the VMC.