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Bioluminescence News Video

WBNS 10 News story about using bioluminiescence in cancer research.

Video Description

WBNS 10 TV describes breakthrough cancer research taking place at The Ohio State University.  The chemical process by which fireflies glow is called bioluminescence. This process is also used by some jellyfish. Taking a gene from these animals and transferring it to a mouse allows OSU researchers the ability to track the progress of cancer in a mouse. Dr. Tom Rosol uses a special, newly-invented camera to track these cells. They can see the movement of cancer cells in as little as one minute after starting the experiment.  WBNS reports that this is the first time doctors were able to see how cancer spread in a living creature.  In the future, bioluminescence will allow gene therapy to stop the spread of cancer.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 12:12pm