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AlphaImager HP Imaging SystemDelivers the best ease of use, versatility, flexibility, and quality in gel documentation and image analysis applications. With real time image readout capability, the AlphaImager HP Imaging System delivers outstanding performance.

Key Features of the AlphaImager HP

  • Scientific grade 12-bit (0-4,095) dynamic range CCD camera with Megapixel resolution produces vibrant image quality and details. 16-bit file generation for easier image importation in most desktop publishing programs.
  • Real time image display in the Focus mode for easy sample positioning and optics adjustment.
  • Automatic exposure algorithms in AlphaEase®FC Analysis Software easily ensures maximum image dynamic range.
  • 'Intelligent' AlphaEaseFC software AND ergonomic MultiImage®FC Cabinet touch panel excitation sources, automatic filter wheel, and motorized optics controls for total ease of use in grayscale and multiplex imaging.
  • Zoom optics are available in manual or motorized configurations with AlphaEaseFC software control.
  • AlphaEaseFC 'one button click' automatic enhancement and analysis for 1D lane analysis, 2D spot densitometry, M.W./Rf calculations, automatic colony and cell counting, microtiter plate analysis, macroarray analysis, object distance measurements, phylogenetic tree, dewdograms, band matching for RFLP analysis and gel scoring.
  • Automatic lane/band detection and analysis with smiling corrections are easily done with a single button click!
  • Capture grayscale or true color images with automatic RGB color image overlay feature.
  • Total software automation with AlphaEaseFC Software providing the unique MovieMode™ acquisition function making multiple image capture a breeze ideal for kinetic experiments.
  • Large format thermal and dye-sublimation digital printer generates hard copy prints in seconds.


  • Room 213 Goss Laboratory
    925 Coffey Road
  • Room 314 Goss Laboratory
    925 Coffey Road


Contact & scheduling

Sign-in at use, appointment generally not necessary. Limited 24-hour access laboratory (key card entry).

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New user education

Dr. Kate Hayes supervises the use of the AlphaImager; she should be contacted prior to initial use. This instrument is supported with technical expertise to help with training for the primary user.