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Stick, John A.

John A. Stick, DVM

of Staff, Large Animal Hospital

State University

Lansing, MI

Dr. John
Stick received his DVM degree from The Ohio State University College of
Veterinary Medicine in 1974. He completed an internship in Large Animal
Medicine and Surgery at Purdue University and a residency in Large Animal
Surgery at Cornell. John joined the faculty of Michigan State University's
College of Veterinary Medicine as Assistant Professor in 1977 and was
board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons in 1981. He was
promoted to Associate Professor in 1983 and to Professor in 1988. Since 1992,
he has served as Chief of Staff of Michigan State’s Large Animal Hospital.

John has
served as primary advisor or committee member for 26 graduate students in
addition to supervising the clinical training of 26 residents in equine
surgery. During his career, he has received grant support of over $640,000 for
31 research projects. His investigations and clinical work have resulted in
authorship on more than 90 scientific publications as well as nearly 200
abstracts, book chapters, and proceedings. Dr. Stick is co-author with Dr. Jorg
Auer of the benchmark textbook, "Equine Surgery," now in its 4th
edition. He has delivered 60 invited presentations locally, nationally, and
internationally. Throughout his career, John has simultaneously remained
extremely engaged in Michigan State's Large Animal Clinic, contributing 39
weeks of clinical service each year.

Dr. Stick
also has been active in many professional organizations. He served on the Board
of Directors and as President of the Michigan Equine Practitioners Association,
a member of the Board of Regents and as President of the American College of
Veterinary Surgeons. He also has served on the Board of Directors of the
American Association of Equine Practitioners, as liaison to the Equine Welfare
Committee and as Vice President of CANTER (Communication Alliance to Network
Thorougbred Ex-Racehorses), an organization dedicated to rehabilitating retired
racehorses as riding horses and pets.

John has
been the recipient of an Outstanding Teacher Award from the Student Chapter of
the American Veterinary Medical Association and was named an Honorary Alumnus
of Michigan State’s College of Veterinary Medicine for his longstanding service
contributions. He has served on the editorial review board of several
veterinary journals and serves on the Scientific Advisory Committee of the
Grayson Jockey Club Research Foundation, the largest charitable organization in
the world devoted to disease of horses.

Dr. Stick's
career has been devoted to training veterinary students and residents,
improving the health and welfare of horses through service and research, and
providing leadership for several professional veterinary organizations. For his
role in teaching and leadership, his devotion to the advancement of equine
health and wellness, and his tireless advocacy for the welfare of horses, we
are pleased to recognize John as a Distinguished Alumnus of the College of
Veterinary Medicine.