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Sherding, Robert G.

Robert G. Sherding, DVM

Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine

Ohio State University


receiving his DVM degree from The Ohio State University in 1973, Dr. Bob
Sherding completed an internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at Angell
Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston. He returned to Ohio State's College of
Veterinary Medicine as an internal medicine resident in 1974, and received his
specialty board certification from the American College of Veterinary Medicine
in 1978. Dr. Sherding has served on the
faculty of the college since 1979 when he was appointed Assistant Professor. He
was promoted to Associate Professor in 1983 and Professor in 1989. He has been
an Emeritus Professor since his retirement in 2011.

Bob has
contributed to the professional education of thousands of OSU veterinary
students. His didactic responsibilities covered gastrointestinal, respiratory,
and infectious diseases and he established himself as an international expert
on feline medicine. He is author of the authoritative textbook, "The Cat:
Diseases and Management," currently in its third edition. He is co-author with
Dr. Steve Birchard of the highly successful "Manual of Small Animal Practice,"
also in its third edition. Dr. Sherding has mentored 46 residents in small
animal internal medicine, and many have gone on to distinguish themselves in
both academic veterinary medicine and internal medicine specialty practice. Dr.
Sherding is an author of 53 scientific publications, 86 book chapters, and 41
symposium proceedings or abstracts. Bob has served an invited speaker at more
than 200 local, national, and international continuing education meetings.

Sherding was section head of small animal medicine for 10 years (1983-1993) and
Chair of the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences for 13 years
(1993-2006). He was respected for his openness and fairness as well as for
valuing both clinicial educators and those with a strong interest in research.
He oversaw the recruitment, hiring, mentoring and promotion of many faculty
members during this time, and forged a department of strong clinicial educators
that became the envy of the nation’s academic veterinary community. Under Bob's
leadership, the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences was the first
recipient of the University's Department Teaching Excellence Award in 1996.

Sherding has received numerous local, national and international awards over
the years including the Friskies Pet Care Award "for outstanding achievement in
feline medicine," the Bourgelat Award of the British Small Animal Veterinary
Association "for outstanding international contributions to the field of small
animal practice," and the American Association of Veterinary Clinicians Faculty
Achievement Award "in recognition of contributions to the advancement of the
veterinary medical profession."

Bob is
known for his organizational skills, writing and editing ability, logical
approach to clinical cases, strategic thinking, and ability to break complex
issues down into manageable components. These skills have contributed to his
effectiveness teaching veterinary students and medicine residents in small
group settings. Bob's remarkable career as a clinician, educator, and
administrator helped move our college to the forefront of academic veterinary
medicine, and for these efforts he is truly deserving of our recognition as a
distinguished alumnus.