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President’s Membership Letter 2020

Esteemed Colleagues—

Every day, whether we realize it or not, we make decisions about how to share our valuable resources of time, talent, and treasure. Over the years, our priorities change, and we shift how we share those resources. The College of Veterinary Medicine’s Alumni Society works to provide many opportunities for you to engage with the College to share your time, talent, or treasure.  

Time is a very precious gift.  Everyone is given the same amount of time, but an important question is: How do we choose to use our time? There are many opportunities to share your time with the college, regardless of your location.  For example, the college is always looking for alumni to review prospective student applications during the admissions cycle. File reviews are now completed digitally, so you can help from the comfort of your own home at the time that works best for you!

We all have talents, whether we are aware of them or not. Our students can benefit from your talents and experience in countless ways. It could be as simple as attending the networking lunch during Homecoming Weekend or hosting a student extern this summer. Many of our alumni discover new talents as they mentor and share with students. We all strive to grow and discover new perspectives over time, and sharing your talent with students is another path toward personal growth.  

Often, treasure is the most commonly considered way to give back to the college.  The Veterinary Medicine Alumni Society is proud to be the recipient of your contributions. Veterinary students benefit from them in countless ways. One opportunity I always support is sponsoring a White Coat. These are presented to students in a special ceremony before they begin their final year of clinical training. By sponsoring a white coat, you confirm the continuity of excellence shared by all graduates of the Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine.

Whether you sponsor a student’s White Coat or donate your time or talent to student networking events, I hope you will consider sharing your resources and advice with students to ensure their future success and the success of our profession. 

For many of us, veterinary medicine is a defining life choice. We are proud to say that we are veterinarians and, most of all, we are proud to call ourselves Buckeyes.

With Best Regards,

Susan J. Reed, DVM (’90), DACVPM
President, Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine Alumni Society

PS— Please make your 2020 sustaining membership donation of at least $50 to any College of Veterinary Medicine Fund, or a $75 donation that also identifies you as a sustaining member of the OSU Alumni Association. Learn more.