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Membership and Giving

Membership in the Veterinary Medicine Alumni Society is now open to all graduates. This includes those who have earned DVM, Master or PHD degrees from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

There are  two levels of membership: Sustaining Members and Basic Members.


Graduates can now become Sustaining Members of The Veterinary Medicine Alumni Society through annual gifts of at least $50 to any College of Veterinary Medicine funds. View a complete list of CVM funds. 

An entire annual gift does not have to go to one fund. Cumulative giving will be tracked over a calendar year, and when gifts equal or exceed $50, the donor will become a Sustaining Member. An additional $25 gift to any Ohio State fund will also qualify you as a sustaining member of The Ohio State Alumni Association (OSUAA). 

scarlet buckeye leafBASIC MEMBERS

Graduates who do not choose to make an annual gift of $50 or more will become basic members. They will not be eligible to purchase football tickets in the College of Veterinary Medicine's football ticket lottery for Reunion Homecoming Weekend.


Football eligibility will be based on an alumnus’s previous year of giving. To be eligible for the 2022 season, graduates must be Sustaining Members by December 31, 2021. Sustaining Members will be eligible to opt in for football tickets for the Reunion Homecoming Weekend game and also with the Ohio State University Alumni Association. 


Call Tiffany Dodson at as 614-247-1675.